Tama Iron Cobra beater head problem


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Hi evereyone!

I recently bought a new Iron Cobra Twin Pedal (hp900PTW). This model has angle adjustable beaters. As soon as I began to play, I noticed a problem with the beater head. I adjusted the beaters to hit the skin in a perfect 90 degree angle and used all my strength to tighten up the bolts that were supposed to lock the beaters in that position. Even though the beaters don't seems to lock. As I play, the beater began to fall back. Had anyone this kind of problem? There is anything I can do to solve this ? This Maybe a case of erroneus project from peolple of Tama?
Thanks tbmills! I 'm already trying to contact Tama. I hope they can solve my problem. Anyway, I would like to know if anyone had this kind of problem too. The bolt that holds the beater position from my pedal seems to be in perfect conditions. It just looks like the lock system don't have the strength to support the continuos friction with the skin during playing.
If I am thinking correctly, you need to use a drum key to tighten the "bolts". If thats what you meant then, yes contact Tama or who you bought it from etc.
I already have a drumkey. I tightened the bolts using the drumkey, but the beater do not hold its position when I start to play.
it happened to me once it turned out it just went loose. but seen as you used all of your strength i would give tama a ring.
Thanks lewisn27! I called the dealer here in Brazil and I hope they can give me a solution. I'm still waiting for Tama response.
I had this exact same problem with the new Iron Cobra pedals. No matter how hard you tighten the beater it comes loose after about 5 minutes of play. Going to return it.
Hola mi amigo! set the pedal on a table and look closely at the cam area as it moves. I had a similar problem and found that there was a hidden internal hex screw that came loose. Once tightened, the problem went away.