1. J

    Iron Cobra 600 double pedal, left beater is loose/have play

    Hello everyone. i just got an used double pedal Iron Cobra 600 and noticed the left beater is loose/have play. is the mechanism that hold the beater. when i place the spring to use it, is easy to notice the whole rod is angled. is this common? i uploaded a video on youtube to see what im...
  2. M

    PST 10/12 splash stack overtones

    Hi all, Hope you're good. I recently got a PST 10/12 splash stack and have been mucking around with it. I'm hearing a (quite aggressive) high overtone near the end of the sound. It is loud enough for me to not use these, but I'm sure I'm setting them up wrong. I use Tama stands, and seem to...
  3. Supergrobi

    Looking For A Fat Side Snare Drum

    My main snare is the SONOR AS 1406 CM, an absolutely beautiful instrument, checking all the boxes for me. It sounds best at mid and high tunings, which is what I generally prefer nonetheless. Lately our band tends to play some softer pop/rock stuff, which is why I'm looking for a side snare...
  4. A

    Need advice for choosing a Drum Kit

    Hello Everybody! I am new here and I would like to ask you a question. I have the chance and/or opportunity to purchase a new drum kit. First I would like to play mostly rock, hard rock, metal and others. 3 kits caught my attention and I would appreciate your comments and advice. 1. Used -...
  5. BeatMeToIt

    I found one of my dream snares!

    After thinking it was hopeless she finally popped up. Tama 3mm cast copper 14x5.5” with hammered outside of shell. Original heads and hardware. It had been just sitting in a case and now it’s my time to care for this beautiful instrument. Very clean and heavy shell, new-old stock.
  6. ADKdrummer123

    New Remo Fiberskyn heads on the Warlords

    I took the heads that came with the snares (only two had original heads and one had been replaced) and put Fiberskyn's on them. The heads naturally mellowed out some overtones and enhanced the lower frequencies a bit. I really like the sound and look. In my opinion the heads go with the vibe of...
  7. R

    Tama Iron Cobra beater head problem

    Hi evereyone! I recently bought a new Iron Cobra Twin Pedal (hp900PTW). This model has angle adjustable beaters. As soon as I began to play, I noticed a problem with the beater head. I adjusted the beaters to hit the skin in a perfect 90 degree angle and used all my strength to tighten...
  8. dr.funkenstien

    Tama Superstar Custom Hyper Drive kits.

    I'm selling my pearl EXR's for a Superstar Custom Hyper Drive kit. The short toms and deep kick drum really caught my eye. Anyone have one? Anyone play one? what do you think? Peace!
  9. DrewTheShoe

    Selling a Tom: Possible?

    Hello Drummer comrades, I come bearing a question. In my current quest for new cymbals, I am realizing what exactly I don't use. Ever. And what I really don't want to use, either. I have a 6.5x10 tom tom from my Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive kit, and I really haven't used it. I "used" it the...
  10. DrewTheShoe

    Homemade Richie Rings: How?

    I have recently bought some new snare heads (Coated Amb, Snare Side Amb, absolutely love it), and I tuned em up nice for me (nice fat and wet, slapping the snares) but I have a tad bit of undesired overtones. I have my old trusty Tama stock head that I plan on using...never, since the coatings...
  11. P

    GRETSCH Purewood Bubinga or TAMA Bubinga Omni-Tune???

    Hi Everyone, I am having a dilemma. I want to purchase one of the two Bubinga kits. GRETSCH Purewood Bubinga or TAMA Bubinga Omni-Tune? I understand that it's all a matter of preference. I would like to know anyone's opinion or maybe experience that have seen or played any of these...