Suede heads over?

what were they mouse fur? never saw one..
I tried those when they were new, didn't like them. They sounded kinda mellow, not in a good way.
When I had issues with my 10x12 Signia I gave one a try from the hype. I'm thinking from hindsight it was the worst head ever. I still might have that thing downstairs in my crap pile.
I have Remo Black Suede heads on my old Premier XPK kit. For whatever reason they work well there. Round, fat, and very controlled. They have been on there probably 13 years and still sound great. I have made dozens of recordings with that setup and have always been pleased.
I guess it could be COVID-related shortage? People are still ill even after restrictions have been lifted, and production and logistics may not have fully recovered (along with other economic issues that lead to shrunken production lines). My favourite Remo Vintage A's are out of stock in most shops around here.