Strips on the tall boys.

Yes they do. And.......the cover sleeves over the tom mount posts.....very rooty tooty. Nice.
Initially I was drawn in by the reso art work (beautiful) and thought you had wood hoops on those bad boys. Then i enlarged the set and realized you were in the driver's seat of a Rogers script logo vehicle and my pulse quickened. Bo is gonna flip when he sees your kit. You are seated behind American history young man and it doesn't get any!. 🎶 🎶.
That's not the original wrap, but the set looks great. Rogers never offered white oyster like that. I like the Betty Grable pinup bass drum head. The reason she was photographed from the back, was because she was pregnant and starting to show. I'd say he was influenced by Louie Bellson.
Great looking kit. Love the crash over swish stand.
and bent the orig spurs is what I noticed
Sentimental Journey is a Great landmark song.
almost a slow shuffle. How I used to play it with my lawyerly-looking oldie authentic dance band
and it was my Dad's favorite tune of the WW2 era
7...that's time we meet at 7...
it was about - 1945 - the boys coming back home
let's review

fox Trot
Happy Memorial Day
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is that a video?
I want to hear him play those
Battle Droids Ok GIF by Star Wars