Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Here’s my Franken-kit mixing my black Pearl RT POD 16x13 kick, my black lacquer steel Sensitone snare, and my galaxy something 10 in SONOR Safari tom ( that fits great on POD mounts . I usually place it way on right but I just moved to conventional position near snare after thinking about recent thread)and the 14 in floor tom. The kick has this simple pedal that works great , and better than trying my TAMA Speed Cobra on it. The kick is super heavy and has a huge tuning range 55Hz and up.


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Sometimes you gotta be creative with the space that is given 😂
That's true... you do have to be creative with the space that you have. I actually have another rack tom that matches my kit and I've yet to find space for that but maybe the next time my son comes we can try to figure it out but it's already cramped as it is I have very little space to work with.

Thank God that I'm a petite woman because when I have to get to the throne I have to literally bend to walk under my cymbals. LOL
I've had enough of this.......that's it!

I'm gonna swap out my Remo Acousticon with my Mapex Orion.

Then I'm gonna have the Remo as a 4 piece.

22x16 BD

14" rack tom

18" floor tom

14x5 Steel Pearl Sensitone snare.

The Yamaha Gigmaker 4 piece I posted on here a while ago is history.

All these awesome rockin' 4 piece kits I see is getting too much for ol' uncle Ben here.

This place is making me think too much about gear.

It's all of your faults!.......ya happy now?!