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    • baz
      baz replied to the thread Jams.
      For years l used to cringe anytime l heard a bar/wedding/jam band play Mustang Sally. i really hated that song so when our band decided...
    • baz
      baz reacted to Bozozoid's post in the thread Jams with Like Like.
      I'm not aware that jams happen regularly such as back in the day when you had to be able to play or get embarrassed. It was mostly...
    • baz
      baz reacted to C.M. Jones's post in the thread Latest Purchase...Non-percussion with Like Like.
      Intriguing. I'm not a collector of weaponry (or of anything at all, for that matter), but I majored in English as an undergraduate, with...
    • baz
      baz reacted to Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX's post in the thread La Bicycletta with Like Like.
      thanks!!! I love this is my Swiss Army Bike...I use it for everything. And you should seriously check out Surly if you are...
    • baz
      baz replied to the thread La Bicycletta.
      Perfect bike conditions. Took a trip on our regional county trail to the neighboring community of Fort Saskatchewan. Half paved half...
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