show off your snare


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As you can see I'm a bit of a Ludhead. Nothing super expensive but all sound great.


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Tama brass & beer can.


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Hello guys , this is my current collection!

Mapex Black Panther _ NOMAD 13x6
Crush Multispecies - 14x6
Crush Phosphor Bronze - 13x7
DDrum Artisan Special Series Brushed Iron - 14x5,5
Mapex Black Panther - Mayan 14x5,5
Mapex Black Panther - Sledgehammer 14x6,5



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Amazing photo quality! I should have me some of that :(

When I get my ass to Herefordshire, what say we have a grand time with your drums and my camera?


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What does the iron snare sound like? Always been interested by one of them!

DDrum Brushed Iron is my favorite! It's fat , punchy , loud , warm!

Something between Brass and Phosphor bronze!


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Here's one I have not seen anywhere, ever. It's a 1961 Super Ludwig - kinda like a Supraphonic, but with crimped snare beds. NOT a Super Sensitive - apparently an extremely rare drum. I love the drum - it's a little more sensitive than a Supraphonic, sounds great! COB, I think. Imperial lugs.

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If you are unsure if it chrome over brass, a magnet will not stick to the shell if it is.


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Been on a snare buying binge the last few weeks.
Gretsch 6.5x14 Cherry and Oak stave shells, Ludwig 6.5x14 Classic Maple Limited Edition in the Signet Indian Teak and a Yamaha 6.5x14 Sensitive Series in Cherrywood.


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I only own a stock Sonor Force 3005 (which doesn't get used as it's too ringy) and Ludwig Black Acrolite that I bought for $40 and restored (for gigging), but here's my baby, it's pretty rare in this finish & size...14 x 6" Sonor Delite, Metallic Marine.


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Two snares for me,

The first is from my Sonor Designer
- 14x5 Sonor Designer maple light in Custom Black Bubinga
Burst. (As you can see this is Lexi's favourite)

For the second, Im taking y'all back in time with some old school brutality :)
- 14x9 (yes 14 x NINE) Tama Artstar snare (maple)


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What I have for now.........On the chair. Gretsch Brooklyn COB hammered.
On the rack, top, Gretsch Renown Maple Snare, 4 x 14 Maple Piccolo(made by me)
Vaughncraft Steambent Maple (wrapped by Bumwraps) PDP Brass Snare.

Second Shelf, Gretsch Pewter/Black Retroluxe, Taye, 5.5 x 14 Studio Maple.(wrapped by Bumwraps)

On the UPS truck, Mapex MPX 8 x 14 Black Satin Maple


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I got these Guru ovangkol wood hoops to try on my 13X7 Sonor Amboina Artisan Snare for Christmas from my wife. Thanks to Andy-can't say enough nice things about him. I had planned to have one of my daughters engrave and gold emboss the outside edges of the wood hoops a bit (so it matches the gold hardware), but I haven't been able to take them off to give to her and they are just so beautiful as they are. They sound awesome too!


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my humble collection,not much


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