show off your snare


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2 of the snares I use. I just brought the D525 out of retirement and put on PureSound snares. I forgot how good it sounds! (the 'marks' are dust reflecting)


Red Menace

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I created a thread with my collection but I can't resist an opportunity to show off my snares.

14x10 Crazy 8's custom snare "Richard the Red". Probably my favorite snare that I own.

And here's all the gang on the couch. The COB Leedy on the upper right is my other favorite.


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My modest pile 'o' snares:

Gretsch Free Floating Maple 5.5 x 10
Joey Kramer Limited Edition 6.5 x14
1964 LM400 Supraphonic 5 x 14
Ludwig Black Galaxy Acrolite 5 x 14
Sonic Custom 6ply Maple 6.5 x 14
Concept Maple 10ply 5.5 x 14
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 x 14

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Ludwig Super Swing 1939
7"x14" w/ nickel plated hardware

Just finished the restore and clean-up! I think she came out great!


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My personal favorite pair:

John Grey & Sons broadway 516 (autocrat shell with broadway hardware and throw with no interior mechanism) 3ply birch

And my Dixon Cherry Classic prototype


paradiddle pete

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1960 Ludwig COB came to me all original, a little naturally relic'ed, but it cleaned up nicely and i added new heads and a set of pure sound wires. digg'n it.
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Danger Money

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1973 Ludwig Supraphonic 5 x 14.


1978 Ludwig Acrolite 5 x 14.


Late 90's Nashville Slingerland Radio King 5.5 x 14.

Radio King.jpg

2005 Ludwig Brass Edition 6.5 x 14.

Brass Edition.jpg

2005 Ludwig Black Beauty reissue 5 x 14 with P86 Millenium Snare Strainer.

Black Beauty.jpg

2010 Ludwig Classic Maple 5 x 14 with P86 Millenium Snare Strainer.

Classic Maple.jpg
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