snare drum

  1. TheLowerTownSound

    One snare only...other than a BB

    Hello! I'm in the market for a 2nd snare and am looking for suggestions. I currently have a 14 x 6.5 Black Beauty and want something that gives me some different sonic options and still covers a fair amount of ground. I know the BB covers a lot of territory and don't want something that's...
  2. S

    Building a Snom! DW Floor Tom/Snare Drum conversion

    Had a guy reach out to me and asked if I could make him a Snom! I said ship it my way and say no more! Here is a my build video with sound clips of the finished drum! Thanks for watching
  3. Tom C.

    Sonor Kompressor Series Hoops Problem

    So I recently bought a Sonor Kompressor Series Aluminum Snare drum. I like aluminum snares, and I think this drum has a great tone, looks great and the hardware seems well built. However... I wasn't crazy about how it was tuning up out of the box. Then I replaced the stock batter head which...
  4. M

    Ludwig Build Quality???

    Crazy about the Ludwig acrolite sound, I paid a lot more for the brand new lm405c in China than in USA . But the build quality is too bad, the surface with a few flaws, the triple flanged hoop has a deformation, inside the drum shell is very dirty. Never happen on...
  5. S

    The DW Acoustic EQ Snare Drum!

    How many of you have or have had the DW Acoustic EQ Snare?! This thing is amazing! You really can hear and feel the difference because of those vents. What an awesome idea and invention on DW's part. This snare is truly amazing! I had the opportunity to play one and do a video all about it and...
  6. S

    DW Super Solid Edge: Cherry/Walnut/Cherry!!

    This is truly one amazing drum. My friend Chris brought this over and I learned some really cool new things I never knew about! First, this wood is literally compressed from a large piece of wood into a smaller piece to make the wood as dense as possivle second, there's only two machines in...
  7. S

    V-Tanium snare drum! Titanium with a Zebrawood veneer!

    Welcome to a very special Three Part edition of The Sounds of Snares! My friend Chris made the drive out to visit me and brought Three very special snare drums with him for me to try out and for you to learn about! Each one has an amazing story behind it and here we are diving into each one...
  8. S

    I did not like the Evans 500 snare side... 300 is my go to!

    I thought I would try something new.. I put on an Evans Heavyweight batter head with 500 snare side and Equalizer snare wires.... after lots of tinkering I just couldn't like the the 500. It's to thick and heavy and at low playing had an unwanted raspy sound. So out with that and in with the go...
  9. pub13

    Need Advice on Gear

    Hi All, So I made the switch to an e-kit about a year ago. I started out with an Alesis Surge but it's evolved into a bit of a Frankenstein kit since then. My original intent was just to have something to bang on and keep my chops up after a medical incident, but I pretty quickly got back into...
  10. M

    ludwig acrolite lm404 lm405

    Recently I acquired an aluminum shell in an attempt to replicate the sound of a Ludwig Acrolite, but the overtones are quite heavy. What makes the Acrolite sound so dry? Is it due to the bearing edges and snare bed? Also, I heard that the Acrolite is made of an aluminum-zinc alloy. Does anyone...
  11. Dutch Drummer

    When can you call a drum set or snare drum vintage?

    Dear fellow drummers, Since I was patching up an old steel snare (bought it somewhere around 1988) I was wondering if I could call this snare a vintage snare. My gut feeling said 'yes' but thinking about the real age of it (about 37 years) I thought 'no'. But I was not sure wich was the right...
  12. Dutch Drummer

    Just curious: wich one would you pick?

    Just curious ... if you had to choose wich one of these snares would you pick? And why would you pick it, or why would you not pick it? British Drum Company Raven, 14x6, birch? Sonor SQ1, 14x6.5, birch? Sonor Artist Series, 14x6, maple?
  13. HampusMagasin


    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 7x14 vs Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14 Think you can hear a difference between an aluminium and a maple drum? Well, Imade a blind test for you all! The answer will be posted in this thread tomorrow :) Tell me which one is your favourite!!
  14. T

    Is Dixon Artisan 14×6.5in Ash Snare – Celestial Black Burst good in lower tunings?

    Hello I want to ask if someone have experience with this snare. If yes I found a video with higher tuning so its good for jazz. I want to ask how its doing in lower tunings? If I want to play rock with it I need some lower tunes. Can you help me? If you have some video it would help me a lot...
  15. Dutch Drummer

    Does anyone have experience with the Raven snare (British Drum Company)

    Does anyone have experience with the Raven snare (British Drum Company)? It appears to be the most affordable snare of British Drum Company. It is all birch and it looks nice on the pics. I am very interested, but is it realy a good snare? Till now I was not in the position to try one myself.
  16. ADKdrummer123

    New Remo Fiberskyn heads on the Warlords

    I took the heads that came with the snares (only two had original heads and one had been replaced) and put Fiberskyn's on them. The heads naturally mellowed out some overtones and enhanced the lower frequencies a bit. I really like the sound and look. In my opinion the heads go with the vibe of...
  17. K

    How do you minimize expansion and shrinkage when building a stave snare?

    Hi all, I made a 13 × 3 stave maple snare and have been using about a year now. I want to make a 14 × 5,75 snare. A problem this stave snare has is that the wood expends and shrinks like crazy every day because of moisture changes in the air. I have to retune it every day, regardless of wheter...
  18. M

    New Ludwig Maple piccolo snare!

    A few days ago, i got a 3x13 ludwig piccolo snare. it came with an evans G1 coated head and it sounds great! it has a really good crack to it and it is very crisp. i'll try to put up pictures/ or a link to a video about it. Comments?