Recording audio directly from TD-15 into iPhone?


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Recording audio directly from TD-15 into iPhone?

Can anybody tell me if it’s possible to record audio directly out of a Roland TD-15 via either the headphone out of the larger jack output directly into an iPhone 12 that has a Lightning socket.

I want to record a video of the drums with the sound coming directly from the Roland module rather than via the Roland amp on the floor and into the iPhone’s crap microphone.

I want to use either the iPhone’s default video recorder or FilmicPro, but would be nice to take audio direct from Module.

For the record, I have an Apple laptop with Logic Pro and I have an audio interface (Arturia MiniFuse 2) as well. But I suspect a simple cable from Roland module into iPhone’s Lightning socket would be simplest, if there is a cable and way to make this work?

Anybody else made videos shooting video on an iPhone or iPad and taking the sound for the said video directly from the Roland module into iPad/iPhone to go with the video being recorded on said iPhone/iPad?
My iPhone method is to record my audio to my computer, mix it, then replace the audio track of the iPhone video with the recorded audio using a video editor. I don’t know if there’s a DI device for the iPhone.
Ah, yes, sorry about that chaps, sometimes, on 'that' other forum people don't answer - seems a quite place over there? Anyway, yes, the iPhone does not have a mini jack, Chris, it's a Lightning socket and, cbphoto, yes, I have done that and that's how I do it right now, but I'm trying to create a simple workflow where I don't have to get the laptop out, boot up Logic and then sync in post etc, trying to figure out a nice simple way to do it all in iPhone.
Have you tried using an adapter?

Or one of these spiffy things?

I think the Saramonic adapter would be your cheapest solution.

I use the Focusrite iTrack single mic pre to iOS interface. It’s designed to take any line or XLR input into your iPhone. It cost me $149 a few years ago.
I've just bought an Apple Lightning to USB 3 powered adaptor to use with the Arturia so, hopefully, this combo will work.
Apple Lighting to USB with audio interface did not work so I ordered the iRig 2, will arrive tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a more basic version of the Roland you have, Mer, will see...