No- your 20 does not sound like a 22

I'd have to agree. I have a 20x14 Ludwig 3 ply and a 22x14 Ludwig 3 ply ...... and they do not sound the same.

I also had a Yamaha Recording Custom 20x14 and a 22x14 ...... and those didn't sound the same either.
I agree. A 20” bass drum doesn’t sound like a 22”, it sounds a whole lot better!

I find that bass drums can “approximate” the sound of a drum 2” bigger or smaller, going bigger being easier. A 20” can sound more like a 22” than an 18”, for example. For that reason, sadly, a 22” can’t quite sound like a 20”…
It might sound great.

But it’s not a 22.

That is all.
This is an awesome premise for a thread @jaymandude …let’s see how many guys are triggered! I don’t think I’ve heard a 20” that sounds like a 22” and vice versa…I’m a 22” and 24” guy but I did play someone else’s 20” and it sounded amazing to be fair, though not like a 22”!:)(y)
Well a cowbell doesn’t sound like a woodblock- maybe a triangle - no not really. Hey that’s a great idea the triangle, wood block and cowbell trio- like the Swiss Army knife of percussion.
I prefer a 20 cause it’s easier to carry. Mic’d up, no one can tell the difference anyway.