Neil Peart Plays Buddy Rich

Myself i'm keeping an open mind on the subject and want to see it........

Yes...whether or not he is able to play the jazz language proficiently does not diminish the fact that he will always be considered one of the great certainly most inspirational (definitely for me) progressive rock drummers of our time.

However thinking he is beyond critique, certainly his swing is borderline fanboy, blind hero worship...and I think he would be embarassed to see fans think that...kinda Travis Barkerish if you ask me.
Myself i'm keeping an open mind on the subject and want to see it........

Don't hold your breadth. From what I heard, Peart's performance at the tribute was the same ole same ole. He does a Big Band version of Rush's YYZ. It's worth a listen in and of itself. I haven't seen the dvd, didn't go to the show. Would have but I had tix for McCoy Tyner. I can go see Tommy's band with the guy I really want to see playing behind the kit, though I work Friday's and rarely get to go these days..Tommy does a lot of Buddy charts, less now than he did before; but he just had a Buddy Rich Tribute show for the B-Day bash and promised to do at least half a dozen charts.
I am not a hater or a basher or jealous or afflicted with schadenfreude but Neil's drumming has never done it for me, despite the fact that he's obviously a world class drummer. It's only my opinion and the huge number of people who love his playing is testimony that his playing does touch people - just not me.

I suspect the qualities in his playing that don't touch me are part of why some people don't fancy his big band playing. In both rock and jazz I find his playing a bit clinical for my tasttes. Not only his approach but also his sound. The thing I like best about jazz drumming is the sound - all those subtle nuances where the players extract lots of sounds from each part of the kit. When coupled with dexterity, it creates an organic sound that I enjoy. I don't hear the subtleties in these takes - just very clean execution with some dynamic sections. I would like to hear more sounds extracted from the ride, a more open, higher tuned snare (less of a pinstripe-y sound), same with the toms.

As a drummer I'm barely qualified to carry Neil's stick bag - it's just how I hear it.

Some might find it a bit rich for a Bill Bruford fan to call Neil's drumming clinical, but Bill was so imaginative in his use of sounds and general approach - most times it's bright and colourful.
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