My Pearl Masters BCX double bass kit


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Last weekend i took my VBA home from the practice space i use with my prog rock/metal 'band' Quivermore. I converted it to an e-kit and took my BCX to the practice space last monday. I spent roughly 2 hours setting it up and tuning them. Then played it for an hour or so and finetuned everything. All i can say is that this kit sounds as good as it looks! Can't wait to play it again, but I'll have to wait until january 11th for the next rehearsal session.

The Pearl single pedals i have on the pics (forgot which model they are, believe Pearl P900) felt really sluggish compared to the Tama Iron Cobra Powerglide twin pedal I've been using since 2006. So i decided to spent a little more and ordered two Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide single pedals. I'm so used to my twin pedals and since it's going strong for more than 12 years now I've ordered them on blind faith haha. Anyway, the pics ;)

Obligatory specs section

Pearl BCX in Lava Bubinga
Two 22x18" Bass drums - Evans Coated EMAD (thick ring) with pillow and ported stock head
8x7" Tom - Evans Clear G2 over Clear G1
10x8" Tom - Evans Clear G2 over Clear G1
12x9" Tom - Evans Clear G2 over Clear G1
14x14" Floor Tom - Evans Clear G2 over Clear G1
16x16" Floor Tom - Evans Clear G2 over Clear G1
Pearl Vision VBA 14x5.5" snare drum in Dynamite Burst - Evans PCRD over Hazy 300
6x12" Rocket Tom - Remo clear Ambassador
6x15" Rocket Tom - Remo clear Ambassador

Zildjian Cymbals
From left to right
16" Oriental China Trash
14" A New Beat Hi-Hat
18" K Custom Dark Crash
8" A Fast Splash
10" A Fast Splash
21" A Sweet Ride
19" K Dark Thin Crash
13" A New Beat Hi-Hat
18" A China Low

Assorted; mostly Pearl. Tama IC Hi-Hat stand and Sonor X-Hat. Pearl DR-80 rack with a bunch of PC-08 clamps and a PC-07 clamp for the x-hat.


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That is a cool kit. May it give you years of musical joy. Peace and goodwill.


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That's a pretty sweet kit. I used a set up similar to yours in the 80s. The quality was not as good yours. I guess they must sound pretty darn good, because they sure look good.


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Love that finish. When I ordered my Yamaha Recording Customs, I ordered them in that same "tobacco burst" -style of finish. They look like fine furniture - but better. :)



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Thanks for the replies :)
I was really into Todd Sucherman's playing around the time this kit came out and just 1 1/2 years earlier i bought my Vision VBA, so you can imagine how bummed it was when i saw this kit being available. Really love these kind of finishes that display the veneer/shell. So eventually i bought this set, because i knew i would regret it if i wouldn't get a high end Pearl birch kit (which they don't offer anymore since discontinuing the BCX line).

I did make a vid for Facebook to wish everyone happy holidays. I edited that version to exclude the first take, but i uploaded the entire video to YouTube. The double bass part near the end is a bit sloppy, but i blame the pedals i was using here (Pearl P900). Sound doesn't do justice to how this beauty sounds in real life; way more resonance, but you'll get an idea :)


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What a beautiful kit iCe, hope it brings you years of joy. Thank's for sharing the video.
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Sadly i noticed a crack in the inner ply of the 12" toms 2 weeks back. It appears to start from one of the holes where the screw attaches the lug to the shell. I'm trying to get it repaired or replaced under warranty from Pearl via the dealer, but until that time I'm leaving it out of the setup. Danny Carry style setup to be expected soon :p


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Here are some new pics I took yesterday. I used a longer tom arm for the 6x15" rocket tom. And obviously the new china stands out hehe. This thing is a beast!
EDIT: Oh and i also replaced the Pearl pedals with Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide pedals after the first pics/post. Great pedals!

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