Latest single broke top 100 in iTunes

You're a fortunate group and it's enjoyable to see you having the continued successes from your efforts.
Just plain awesome!! Seems like all the hard work is paying off or it's a lightning strike - or Both! Wishing you all continued success and a Happy Thanksgiving Day.
Congratulations, Martin. I'm sure that feels good to see.
so are you quitting the day job yet?

if you come through Central Ohio, I know a great group who would be good to open up for you!!!!! :cool: or would just come out to see you play!!
I'm nowhere close to quitting my day job. My boss told me so. :)

We will be in Hamler, Ohio, in May! We are opening for Little Texas.

I have never heard of Hamler, and I prode myself in having been all over Ohio.....Learn something new every day!!!