Is your crash ride necessary?

Here’s a 22 masters thin for comparison….not the actual one I bought, but close enough. Paiste really does make consistent cymbals…even if weights vary a tad. The bell is kinda weak but the crash on these is Hollywood studio like.

I've not heard that term before but I think it's crash riding but not very hard or loud, providing a constant swell of cymbal wash under the music. I do it towards the end of some of our songs. The Omni is pretty good for that because it doesn't take over the music, just kind of provides an undertone.

Got it. I'll, once again, need to suggest Heartbeats. I love my 22" Custom Dry Light ride and/or my 24" Jazz Light ride. They crash just as easily as they ride. I should do a demo of my kits and drums at some point.
I've never perceived any ride as a crash nor any crash as a ride.

I haven't really been sold on the concept TBH.

They are their own seperate entities with their own story to tell.

I'll always have a separate ride and crash.

Just like 2:1 shampoo....nah, I likes me shampoo and conditioner in their seperate little bottles.

Be damned Pantene!
I always like a good multi-purpose cymbal (not that it needs to be labeled as such). A lot of the sensation of musicality and expression that I get behind the drums comes from manipulating my cymbals back and forth on the spectrum between crash and ride (as the music calls for it). I've got a 22" that sounds quite a bit like [this one].

I've been in a bit of a window shopping mood as of late and have fallen in love:

Way back when, when I got my first good kit, it came with a 20' rock ride, and an 18" crash ride. I'm still playing them. I rarely ride the 18" crash ride, usually as a change of pace in the middle of a song, its too much for what I would use a ride for in most cases. And I rarely crash the 20" rock ride, to me it doesn't have the kind of sound I'm looking for when I crash. If I'm making a big end of song mess, I'll whack that along with the others...

Its fun reading others responses on this. I clearly know nothing about this stuff, as I can't envision myself differentiating styles and sounds and gear to the degree that you guys do. Its cool tho, I like to think I'm learning something ;)
I only bring out my 18" or 20" Crash Rides for certain situations. They're Redesigned A Zildjians. Sometimes, I'd like to crash and have the ride pattern kinda emerge from under the crash, so the 18 does that. I play ride patterns all the time on my 18" Sabian crashes anyway. I have both a 20" Sabian Medium-Thin Crash that I'll ride on and a 20" Ping Ride that I'll crash on. My 2002 18" Medium cymbal doesn't say "ride" or "crash" on it, so I do whatever I want with it! Big identity crisis among my cymbals.

I'm lazy, so being able to have a cymbal pull double duty means one less stand and cymbal to carry and set up.

I've been rocking s 21" AA Bash Ride for 6 years now and I love it. Paired with a 19" AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash and 15" AAX Medium hats, 90 percent of my bases are covered.

It leaves that extra slot open for a 20" Aero Crash to pull crash/china duties when needed 🙂
I've been fretting about my 18" Dream Bliss having a heavy side - but you can see that cymbal in the vid revolving until it settles with the logo at the bottom.
Is this imbalance common?
Good eye! until you mentioned it I was totally unaware. (For me) in the end its all good if the elusive sound is there. Alot of my rides have done this but you caught! it. It went right over my head. I learned something it.
I've been fretting about my 18" Dream Bliss having a heavy side - but you can see that cymbal in the vid revolving until it settles with the logo at the bottom.
Is this imbalance common?

Good eye, I did not notice that. I don’t find it a big deal playing wise if it is an imbalance….but I’d be a bit miffed if it’s a slight keyhole condition causing that. I wouldn’t think MD would ship it off like that tho

I’m sure when Bozo gets the box, it will all be just fine and sound great. Hard to find the sound you want in the wide world of cymbals
My quiet, insecure voice confesses that I spin my cymbals so I don't strike the printed logos.
I only have one cymbal that still has the logo because I’m not entirely sure about it being a keeper. Sounded fine the one time I tried it with a band but it sounds odd in isolation. 20 AAX Studio Ride if anyone cares. It’s my only crash ride. But while I’m not fussy about logos, I do spin it when I play it just in case I want to sell it.

Is it necessary? Not necessarily, but I do enjoy having one because I like different crash sounds and my other ride doesn’t crash (21 SR2 heavy that used to be an HHX of some sort).
The term is not necessary.
Think the early 60s (some 70s) Zildjian 20" Medium rides. Their weight (2000ish Gs) and "give" allowed the dual function.
I have an 18" Zildjian crash/ride that's one of those rarities that's a good crash & a good ride. Most I've had were good at one or the other, rarely both.
This one I put a Drum Dot on if I need a small ride (as the Drum Dot kills some of the wash), no Dot if I need a heavier crash.