INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!


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The first "Introduction" thread lasted six years (!), went for 61 pages, had thousands of posts, and as of today had over one hundred and eighty thousand views. Time to put the old girl out to pasture. This is the new "Introduction" thread. Let's see if it makes it another six years!


Welcome to the DrummerWorld forum. Please use this thread to introduce yourself. Answer the following questions (all optional), and let us know about you.

Real name?
How long have you been playing?
Origin of user name?
Your top 5 drummers?
Make of drumkit?
Make of cymbal?
Where do you practice?
Are you in a band?
Do you play covers or originals?
What style of music?
Favourite take out food?
What country do you live in?
One really odd fact about yourself?
How did you start drumming?

Copy and paste these questions into your reply and let's learn about each other.
New Here - Quick Intro

Hi all,

Just joined and though I'd introduce myself.

My name is Paul (most call me Connor). I'm 27 and live in North-West England with my girlfriend and our 2 dogs.

I've been drumming since I was 15 and have played in all kinds of bands from Jazz to Prog Metal.

I work full-time in digital media and I'm currently playing mainly at weekends in a covers band doing mainly rock/indie songs at pubs, clubs, weddings etc.

Kit-wise I'm currently gigging a Tama Starclassic Birch Bubinga in a nice Lava Glass Glitter finish. Sizes are:


My snare is a 14x5 Ludwig Black Beauty brass-on-brass Millenium edition which is just about the best snare I've ever heard for my tastes.

Cymbals are all Paiste 2002 and are:

15" Heavy Hi-Hat
18" Crash
18" Medium
20" Medium
20" Novo China
22" "standard" China w/ factory fitted rivets
24" Ride

This is all mounted on a Gibraltar curved rack and is finished off with an IC Power Glide double pedal.

My new set of mics should be delivered this week which will be from Audix and will consist of 3x D2s for rack toms, a D4 for the floor tom, D6 for the bass drum, i5 for snare and a couple of ADX51 overheads.

Last night I started building an internal mount for my kick drum mic which will be of a similar concept to the Kelly SHU only at a fifth of the price. I'll post a thread on that as a guide if anybody is interested?

Finally - a couple of pics. This is me and my girlfriend!

And this is the only pic I have of my full kit!

Thanks and looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Re: New Here - Quick Intro

A Jack of all trades! :) impressive.

Welcome Paul!

Very much a master of none! I got into the jazz gig randomly having never attempted to play any of it.

Had always admired jazz drummers though and bought myself a Buddy Rich rudiments book many moons ago.

The set was fairly straightforward. Mainly brush work, standards, Herbie Hancock and some Sinatra. We used to do "Gotcha" (Starsky & Hutch Theme) and a few more up beat numbers which I really enjoyed.

It was 6 months work and I really learned a lot about dynamics. Certainly more than I had learned over the 10 years leading up to that point!
Happy to be the first introduction of the new thread... to introduce ourselves we are Kent Customs, a custom drum and ATA flight case company based out of Buffalo, NY. We look forward to answering questions, contributing to the forum, and hearing feedback from the drummers of the world. Please feel free to check out our albums to see some of our work and let us know what you think!!
James E Richardson....

Hi, I am technically not new to the forum, but have been absent from it for a while, so with the intention of keeping up to date with it from now on, I thought I would 're-introduce' myself.

I am James E Richardson; Drummer/Percussionist/Ethnomusicologist/Composer/Tutor

I play drums permanently in a range of projects as well as session playing for many different projects across a wide expanse of styles. I have recently begun my own, personal project, which will become my 'life-long musical brain-child' and serve as my most personal, powerful and special of expressions. It now has a name and the first photo shoot has taken place with its aesthetic direction proving perfect. The commission of a new instrument for inclusion in it has finally been made and am thoroughly looking forward to being able to immerse myself in the creative process for it

I am also an ethnomusicologist, specialising broadly in rhythm and metre (more specifically of the Mediterranean). Not just involved with rhythm and metre on a theoretical level, but also the way in which it communicates with the cultures it belongs to and the part it plays within that cultures music.
Furthermore, the ancient rhythmic and metrical theory of a culture and the journey it has taken; what part it plays either in or outside of that cultures‘ music today.

My sites are as follows, where I can be contacted and hired and all information, news and media can be found:!/je_richardson

OK I may as well introduce myself here I am (Mike) an older beginner drummer and I just like beating on a kit for fun with the stereo cranked up.

Although I had a Yamaha Stage Custom previously I ended up selling it to a friend and really missed it so I bought my present kit Yamaha Tour Customs in brown sunburst.

I am using Pearl hardware, Demon eliminator bass pedal, elimator 2000 HH and 14" new beats. I still need more cymbals and stands and would like to change out the stock heads.

I have also been thinking of taking some lessons to better my enjoyment too.

Look forward to learning here too so I like reading posts and looking at all the cool kits.

Welcome!! There are a lot of experienced drummers/musicians on this forum who are all happy to help. They have helped me improve and pick out the best gear. Again, welcome and get ready for some fun and interesting times.

Welcome! But as they told pics then we don't believe you. Welcome!
Real name? Ukri Suvilehto
Age? 17
How long have you been playing? About 8 years
Origin of user name? My neighbor started to call me as ''Uge'' many many years ago, nowadays pretty much everyone calls me Uge instead my real name Ukri. :)
Your top 5 drummers? Derek Roddy, Tomas Haake, Kai Hahto, Morgan Ågren, Matt Halpern.
Make of drumkit? At this moment Tama but I'm getting Pearl.
Make of cymbal? Sabian, Stagg, Zildjian, Paiste...
Where do you practice? At home
Are you in a band? A technical death metal band from Finland ''De Lirium's Order'', my soloproject ''Psykoosi'' and couple upcoming projects...
Do you play covers or originals? Both
What style of music? Mainly metal.
Favourite take out food? Pizza
What country do you live in? Finland
One really odd fact about yourself? Dunno, I think pretty much everything in me is odd. :D
How did you start drumming? Too long story to tell here, read this:
Hello All! Still fairly new to this forum so its probably appropriate for me to reply to this one too! :)

Real name? Tom Boulton

Age? 22

How long have you been playing? 2 years

Origin of user name? Hunter Redfern from a book i read years ago.

Your top 5 drummers? Chris Adler, Andols Herrick, Geroge Kolias, Derek Roddy and Dave Weckl

Make of drumkit? Currently using a Roland TD9KX but will be purchasing a Mapex Saturn Supernova 7 piece kit in September

Make of cymbal? Again, Roland but currently in the process of purchasing my list for my new kit - 14" Soundcaster Custom Medium Soundwave Hihat
16" Mb8 Medium Crash
18" Byzance Medium Thin Crash
16" Generation X Filter China
8" Byzance Splash
24" Sabian AA Metal

Where do you practice? At the home-made studio of my lead guitarist

Are you in a band? Very recently formed band

Do you play covers or originals? Originals

What style of music? Thrash Metal

Favourite take out food? Thai

What country do you live in? United Kingdom

How did you start drumming? My dad plays drums/guitar/keyboard etc and as soon as i was old enough to afford my own kit, i started :)
Real name? Aaron Jackson, although most everybody calls Ronny instead. Product of a mild speech impediment that makes it difficult for me to pronounce the letter 'r' - people used to think my name was 'Alan' when I introduced myself.

Age? 23, as of a couple of weeks ago.

How long have you been playing? A little over two years, although I haven't been taking a serious interest for all that time.

Origin of user name? My name elsewhere is 'Be' and most forums won't let me have a name that short, so 26 was picked out of the ether to tack on the end.

Your top 5 drummers? Ooh, there's a tricky one. Kneejerk reactions all around - Neil Peart, Jimmy Sullivan, Brad Wilk, Chad Smith, Peter Criss. The latter might seem out of place, but I include him because I suspect he was the one playing on Strutter and, like I say below, that grabbed me. If I stopped to think, I'd probably come up with a hundred and one better choices but, as I said, kneejerk reactions.

Make of drumkit? N/A. The kit was a 21st birthday present from my parents and I suspect it came out of the Argos catalogue. I'm looking to upgrade, but I'm not sure whether to go acoustic or electronic (see below).

Make of cymbal? Mostly N/A. The kit came with unbranded hats and crash/ride (12 and 14 inches respectively) but, when the hats were beyond all use, I picked up a pair of Sabian Solar hats off eBay.

Where do you practice? At home. Although I have my own room and my housemates are more tolerant than one might expect, I'm probably going electronic with my next kit for noise reasons.

Are you in a band? No. The closest I've come is playing in a friend's garage.

What style of music? Do I play? Rock is the best description. I play stuff that takes my fancy and, since the overwhelming majority of the music I listen to is rock and metal, it makes sense that's what I ebb towards. On the list of stuff I'm working on, to illustrate, is Florence and the Machine, Kings of Leon and the Red Hot Chili Peppers [Mother's Milk/One Hot Minute-era]

Favourite take out food? Chinese. Crispy shredded chilli beef.

What country do you live in? The United Kingdom. I'm a Brit living in London (technically Kent, but it's inside the London transport network so I count it).

One really odd fact about yourself? My winning personality and odd sense of humour don't count? Alright: my senses are terrible. My hearing is not great, I'm both red-green colourblind and exceptionally short-sighted, and I'm practically anosmic - I have nearly no sense of smell.

How did you start drumming? The rhythm games. Rock Band first got me interested in the actual act, a song on Guitar Hero - Strutter, by KISS - first turned me onto the sound.
Real name? Jon
Age? 27, on the cusp of 28
How long have you been playing? 16 years
Origin of user name? From another Forum I use, it's mostly made up of my initials
Your top 5 drummers? Mitchell, Moon, Bonham, Rich, Krupa (could easily make up a top 15 though)
Make of drumkit? A Pearl, a Vintage Premier and a Gretsch, will tomorrow own a Ludwig Supraphonic
Make of cymbal? Sabian HH's and AAX Hi Hat
Where do you practice? In me and my GF's house, need to get a bigger house that can hold three kits though
Are you in a band? I'm in two, both in my signature
Do you play covers or originals? All originals
What style of music? Rock, but I like a bit of Hip Hop also
Favourite take out food? Chinese
What country do you live in? The UK
One really odd fact about yourself? I cannot stand Yamaha Drums, I don't know why as every kit I've played has been a good kit. Just cannot stand them for some reason....Maybe I was dropped on my head on one of their kits as a small boy.. I don't know
How did you start drumming? Just really started to take note of the instrument, then decided I wanted to learn. Played on Pillows in between lessons for nearly a year until I could purchase my first kit. Haven't looked back since.
Real name? Anthony
Age? old!
How long have you been playing? 25yrs
Origin of user name? The study of Bonzo(huge fan)
Your top 5 drummers? Bonzo, Alex VH, Stewart Copeland, Fish, Neil Prts Fills:)
Make of drumkit? I built my own
Make of cymbal? Paiste giant beats/2002's
Where do you practice? Home studio
Are you in a band? Not
Do you play covers or originals? Both
What style of music? Groove style
Favourite take out food? Mexican of course
What country do you live in? USA
One really odd fact about yourself? I signed up here a week ago, and managed to make everyone angy with me....:/
How did you start drumming? There was no stopping it:)

Real name? Robert Knebel
Age? 26
How long have you been playing? Off and On since I was around 5 years old.
Origin of user name? Just a combination of my name.
Your top 5 drummers? Dave Weckle, JoJo Mayer, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Chad Smith
Make of drumkit? Mapex Pro M Series Transparent Saphire
Make of cymbal? zildjian ZBT Pack
Where do you practice? At my house.
Are you in a band? No
Do you play covers or originals? Neither, I play in church.
What style of music? Jazz/R&B/Rock Fusion
Favourite take out food? I do not have one favorite type of take out food.
What country do you live in? United States
One really odd fact about yourself? There is nothing ODD about me. :)
How did you start drumming? I started playing the drums from the drummer in the church that I attended when I was a kid. I also really liked hitting stuff.
Real name: Joe Gedge
Age: 15
How long have you been playing: About a year
Origin of user name: My surname with "The" at the beginning; I use this name for a lot of other things as well.
Your top 5 drummers: John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Dominic Howard, Tre Cool.
Make of drumkit: Pearl for acoustic, Roland for electronic.
Make of cymbal: Pearl for acoustic, Roland for electronic.
Where do you practice: Bedroom, school percussion room.
Are you in a band: Yes.
Do you play covers or originals: Covers.
What style of music: Undecided, which is why we're doing covers.
Favourite take out food: Curry.
What country do you live in: England, U.K.
One really odd fact about yourself: I can make my elbows click really loudly.
How did you start drumming: I should be able to remember but I can't.
Hey guys, I'm brand new to this forum but i hope to communicate with tons of awesome musicians and share ideas!

Real name? Tyler Shaban
Age? 17
How long have you been playing? for almost eight years. I began 10/22/03... yeah i have my first drum lesson on paper so i can celebrate the day i started drummin :p
Origin of user name? loooooooovveeee the shuffle. huge fan of it, best groove in the world
Your top 5 drummers? Steve Jordan, Chirs Layton, Steve Gadd, Art Blakey and Bill Stewart
Make of drumkit? One's a yamaha maple custom absolute, the other is a Pearl Export. With assorted snares though
Make of cymbal? Assorted zildjian A an K Customs with other sabian and paiste cymbals.
Where do you practice? Basement for drum set, upstairs for practice pad, car dashboard for emergencies hahaha
Are you in a band? used to be for a while, but i'd like to be in one soon
Do you play covers or originals? mostly covers
What style of music? Funk, Jazz, blues, latin, rock
Favourite take out food? Chicken ziti & broccoli
What country do you live in? USA! USA!
One really odd fact about yourself? my right calf is larger than my left from playing a single bass drum a lot hahahaha
How did you start drumming? had to choose and instrument for 4th grade band, and we had a drum set, so my parents encouraged me to give it a try. so happy they did :)
Real name: Jeremiah Ruedger

Age: 17

How long have you been playing: About 3 years. Only about six months ago did I get a drum set.

Origin of user name: My first and middle initials are J.D. and there is a youtube video featuring some kid who calls himself jdizzle. So it kind of fits with me. That and "bullfrog" is just too cliche.

Your top 5 drummers: I'd have to say Jeff Campitelli, Chad Smith, Neil Peart, Mitch Mitchell, and Steve Gadd.

Make of drumkit: Gretsch Catalina Maple.

Make of cymbal: Zildjian ZHT box set and an A splash.

Where do you practice: At my friends house for two reasons. One is that there is no room at my place and he has a music room.

Are you in a band: Yes. We were originally called Next Day Air, but we're currently changing names to something else.

Do you play covers or originals: Mostly covers, but came out with an original and are trying to do some more.

What style of music: Rock, blues, and some funk.

Favourite take out food: I usually don't do take out.

What country do you live in: United States

One really odd fact about yourself: I'm not really into sports, especially college sports.

How did you start drumming: When I was in 7th grade a few of my percussionist friends taught me how to play a swing beat and I loved it. Then, two years after that I started playing for my church, and now I play at church and in my band.