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This is what I was going for. Doesn't look a lot like it but it works just the same.


And this is my set up.

Re: Those Expensive Seats Can be Easily Made

I didn't even bother to measure here. Just some plywood a jigsaw and a really solid old stool (sheet metal one from an old classroom, homec, lol). Then I put some spongy foam where the thighs rest and covered it with vinyl using a staple gun. Unbelieveably comfy!

You might have discovered a new seat design. I wonder why more aren't made like this.
Hey guys,

I'm trying to design a custom snare but can't go anywhere until I know the measurements of everything. Could someone please post the measurements for the DW mag throw off and dw 3 position butt end

Many thanks
Tama steel shell. Parts are way over priced and hard to find, so….

All Star Tubes and an adapter plate to mount the strainer. Butt plate lined right up…



Hi, Do any of you know if the Tama tom mount, pictured will mount a DW tom? Thanks


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Last week I bought a used Gibraltar 8607 flat-base hi-hat. It's the older model but the price was right so I grabbed it. Reading online reviews of the stand revealed that some people were having trouble with the linkage that connects the foot board to the pull rod. It was coming loose and falling apart during use. I certainly didn't want that to happen to me on a gig so I took a look at the possible cause.

The linkage needs to be a little loose for this stand to work properly because it works at an angle. It is connected by 2 metal pieces on either side which are attached at the top using locking nuts. The problem is that there are washers under the nuts that are preventing them from screwing down far enough to lock properly without seizing up the action. I simply removed the washers (they seem to serve no purpose) and reinstalled the nuts without them. Without the washers the nuts go down far enough to lock. Just tighten them down as far as they go and then back them off a hair so the action works properly and that's it, you're done. I've been using the stand and I see no evidence of the nuts coming loose or moving at all. It works and feels great and I'm confident that it will not fall apart.

Gibraltar have since re-designed the stand (8707) and this fix does not apply to that stand.


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Hi, Do any of you know if the Tama tom mount, pictured will mount a DW tom? Thanks

A little late in responding, but no. Tama is 10.5 mm, while DW is 12.7mm.
Hi there,
I've got the flatbase 8000 Gibraltar stands when I bought my Gretsch NC's. They are great, sturdy enough, and I love the way they look. Problem is that I want to use double bd pedals, and it's not possible to get left bd pedal close to the hihat pedal of obvious reasons. I have thought of modifiyng the right hihat stand leg, but I haven't a good idea how to. Maybe fold the legs and clamp the hihatstand to nearest cymbalstand?
Any thoughts on this? And I know the easiest way is to buy a new hihat stand, but I would like to keep the flatbase look.
Here is a DIY cymbal arm I made for my 14" china. It clamps to a previously unused L-arm on a double tom stand. As you can see it also has an X-hat mount I made.

THIS is a great thread. I can't believe I have not looked at it in all this time. Being a diehard DIYer I found this a good read. I've been doing stuff forever. I'll try to share some stuff this week.

The guy with the remote hi hat. I need to PM him. That looks like exactly what I was asking about a several weeks ago.

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A couple more of my creations.
This is a bell I made out of an aluminum fire extinguisher. It has a loud pretty high pitch sound. I also made the clamp which attaches it to the hi-hat stand. the second pic shows the first clamp I made on the bell and the improved clamp waiting to replace it. The second clamp comes off the stand much faster.

You can also see a stick holder (mounted to the stand below the bell) that I made with a section of PVC pipe that I melted an end cap on with a wood burner. I rarely burn wood with my wood burner, but I have used it to fix or alter a lot of plastic parts. I have found that I can fuse most plastics together and the joint is much stronger than glues I have used. I also made the clamp for the stick holder.

Definitely some cool ideas in that video, thanks for making it. I'm going to try your splash arm idea.

Great. Thanks. I hope they work out for you. I forgot to mention I do have to slightly widen the holes in some grounding clamps to receive the 5/16" rods. Most are 1/4". Most come with standard screws for tightening. I use thumb screws or make my own wing bolts out of a screw, wing nut and regular nut. I should have mentioned that.

Important point I forgot to mention about the oak clamps, that I cut 45 degree notches into them to mimic a standard drum clamp. I do mine on either a table saw or miter saw, around 3/8" - 1/2" deep.
nice stuff here!
to bad some pics n links are gone :(
but i dont feel weird for some of the sh-t i have been working on. lol
i even saw some stuffed animals on a kit
( i stuck my sons little cymbal monkey on mine :) lmfao
I really love the esthetics of this! I like working with metal and this is awesome. Probably not too portable but it takes up little room and is perfectly customized to what you need. Good work.

Thanks Deathmetalconga.
Your creations helped to inspire what I have done.

It's actually quite portable I've been gigging with it now for about 10 months and I just stow it with my other hardware. It is not vary adjustable, but since it is clamped to the L-arm I can tilt it and slide it up and down the arm. So I've got a bit of adjustment there.