Fun room to play

that reminds me of the stage at one of my middle schools that I do band is real boomy b/c of how deep it is...
We have a few venues like that around here. Everything about it is just an amazing time: The staff, the acoustics, the patrons...and even the pay...LOL

Hope it's another full dance floor for ya!
I'm gonna bet you have played Sweet Home Alabama in that room more than a handful of times.
They go wild for it when you have a bad a** guitar player throwing down on it like we do!
One of my favorite places is the Lighthouse, in Waretown, NJ. It's a very small stage area, but everything fits. The owner is a nice guy, they feed us, give us some free drinks, and we always bring in a great crowd. What's not to love?
Took this one after we finished for the night and the lights were still up. FF0725B0-8DB0-490C-ABC3-139FC6E74B26.jpeg
Looks cool but holy cow is that flag distracting.

I think simple black curtains would be better, or reclaimed barn board.
This club is known for that flag lol. A lot of nationally known artists have had photos and video taken in front of it, so it’s a mainstay!