Feeling Guilty...


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I haven't so much as touched my kit in two weeks! :(

I do have an excuse though...sort of. The potential new bandmates are all getting together for the first time this Saturday and so far, I AM the sole lead singer for the this new adventure (how did THAT happen?!?!?!?!). That means I've spent all of my time practicing, trying to get the voice in shape, attempting different songs and seeing what works. I give it one to two hours a night. Goodness knows I don't want to embarrass myself in front of all these new people. They haven't heard me sing yet so I want to make sure I impress them the first time out. You know what they say...First Impressions, etc....

And in some way, I'm hoping this little drumming break will be a good thing that will make it feel fresh and new again when I do get behind them. I just feel kinda bad recently when I log on to the forum...like a traitor...lol.

What do you guys think of "breaks"? Does it help to come back with new insight or am I doing drumming more harm than good at this point? I don't plan to stay away too long but feel I have to focus on the voice right now. I think I just need more hours in the day.

OH well, thanks for listening to my little rant...I guess I just needed to get that off my chest.

go find a lead singer forum!! haha hey, you need to focus on the task at hand if that's being a lead singer, go for it. sometimes breaks work in your favor, you kind of come back fresh.
I took a 16 year break while fronting a band. It ain't easy getting your chops back. :)
go find a lead singer forum!! haha .

Well you know I just come here for the "feel-good" responses I get from all of you single minded drummers who wouldn't know an alto from a soprano :p
I can't see any harm in going with the flow, Mary. If an opportunity presents itself, why not explore it?

I hope it all goes really well, and no matter how successful a singer you may become, you'll always be a drummer too.

Lol @ TOH!
I got a bass, I haven't touched my drums in 4 days. I feel like I'm cheating on my drums.

But breaks are good for you just as much as constant practice can be sometimes. They let your muscles sort of think. You'll need to brush them off but it can be good for you.
You need to acquire a vintage set to get the juices flowing. An alternative kit for inspiration.