Drum Cases????

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i recently made the jump to cases due to increasing show frequency and distance... starting to get into touring. I ended up landing on Protection Racket Soft Cases, this includes my Hardware bag that holds 6 heavy duty stands, throne, double pedal etc.

the bags are amazing quality, i would drop my $700 starclassic snare in it in full confidence.
there a little pricy, but any half decent hardware cases are, i went with the soft cases mainly to save space. Especially in the hardware bag (with wheels) because it is what it is... theres not inches and inches of extra plastic.

check them out, the snare bag case was 50 or 60 CAD and the Bass was around 160.
I do mostly local shows and handle my own gear so I went with the WolfPak bags. They are semi rigid and have a decent amount of padding and a plush lining and very sturdy zippers and handles. Highly recommended!


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I use protechtor cases from specialty xl.
hard cases are the only option for me. If you've ever been on tour and seen what can happen to gear inside a trailer (driving across manhattan!! ahhhh!!!) I also have other people sometimes handling my drums and they do not respect them.

I really like the protechtor cases though, the bass drum case has built in wheels, and they are still rolling strong after 10 years. you have no idea what kind of abuse these cases have seen. I even dragged my kick half a mile over a gravel parking lot and the wheels are still fine.

I agree. Great cases.

I love plastic cases, just knowing if it rains, the drums will be OK.

I know fiber cases have been around forever, but I really wonder how people toured with them giving fiber doesn't resist water at all.
I love www.hardcase.com. These are good if you can get them, but they aren't sold outisde of Britain nowdays. Just as good, but more expensive, are SKB.

At least put your snare in a hard case. If you handle your own drums. you can get by with soft cases, but good hard cases will allow your drums to fall of a car at highway speend and remain unscathed.
Thanks guys. Went with the Gators. Ill let you know how they work out (getin em for christmas =D)

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