Drum Cases????

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Mark Ahle

Hey guys-Christmas is coming up-so I'm looking to get something that will help me with my new investment (Mapex Pro M Studio) I really want hard shells-to me it seems the soft nylon paded ones are pointless, but I may be wrong.

Any brands to look into?
Any 1st hand experiences?

*Try to keep the budget low thanks ;)

Humes & Berg make fine cases. They're a bit pricey.

Stagg cases are also very nice.

I wouldn't use hard cases unless you are having someone load in and out for you or you are touring. Since I load myself and I'm not hard on my gear like I used to be when I was younger, I use Road Runner soft cases. They're so much lighter and for a couple of hundred bucks I have cases for all my drums.

Hard cases will set you back much more. If you're not hard on your stuff, consider soft cases.
The Gators are like the Road Runners. Decent quality. Besides the padding and strong sewn construction, the zippers are the biggest things that go wrong with bags as opposed to cases.

Make sure you check them out first hand before you buy a whole set.
I love Protection Racket cases. I have about 60 of them. I use them for the kit, snares, congas, bata, bongos, repiniques and many other instruments. I even have some lovely chekeres in those cases. Marvelous!

*Try to keep the budget low thanks ;)

If you are the only one that handles your gear to & from gigs, in your own wheels for example, then soft cases are ok.
In the back of a truck, with other gear & others handling them, hard cases are a must.

Singed: Capt. Obvious ;^)
I'm actually really interested in those gator bags...good reviews, low price-get the job done it sems.



The GC near me when I lived in Florida had both the RoadRunners and the Gator Bags. They are similar in quality. The zippers are good and just as important the stitching of the zippers doesn't have any loose threads that can get caught in the zipper teeth and lead to a busted zipper.

Do you use mounts on your drums that might make it hard to get a drum in a certain sized bag? On my PDPs which have the DW style STM mounts, all of my toms fit into bags that were spec'd to the shell size. Some of the larger tom mounts could give you a problem, so check that out.

For my 16x14 floor tom, I order a 16x16 bag. This gives me a little extra room for a spare snare head, a big folded towel and a couple of accessories (mounted tambourine, clamp, etc..)

I like soft cases these days. Hauling heavy gear gets old real fast. I always felt more secure with my old fiber cases but sometimes they can be an excuse to be less careful with your gear when loading and unloading. Plus, I don't usually have any help unless my wife comes along or one of the other musicians feels generous to help out and they're always careful.
protection racket best soft cases on the market very safe i have a full set deluxe cymbal bag 3 tom 1 bass 1 hardware bag 1 snare 400 quid
I swear by my padded Kaces bags- just like the Berg and hermes/ I actually think they are made in the factory etc - as I cant see a difference between my bags or my mates B&H's

Just a different label sewn onto them
I've got some cheap bags (millenium, german store brand) with fiberglass plating in the top and bottom.
They're light and extremely durable. Best buy ever.
I use Profile soft cases....They were DIRT CHEAP, and built quite good....I'm impressed with them in terms of padding, materials, and hardware.....Bought my 5 pc set for $110cdn
There's a company on eBay (Tuff boxes or Tuff cases, IIRC) that makes not bad cases. Fairly inexpensive too. I bought a trap case from them, and I'm really digging it.

Only problem is that everything is "square", so it's a little bulky. :)

I use the H&B Enduro cases.

I've had them for years and they handle everything great. Tall Vulc. fiber case with wheels (18+ years and still running!) for the stands.

I usually do everything myself (or with one trusted helper), so Protection Racket bags would probably be OK, but I like the extra "piece of mind" with the hard cases---You never know when some idiot at a show is going to set something on top of the bass drum case and "X" happens to your drum....

They are heavier, but I can't bring myself to use bags (yet).

I used to also put (brand) stickers on the cases, but then I thought "why advertise what's in this vehicle for someone to maybe think of stealing?!?"

With them plain black, you don't even notice them in the van at all. I have markings that show they all belong to me, and that they go together, but it's not in a spot visible when they are in the van.

Just passing that thought along....
I use protechtor cases from specialty xl.
hard cases are the only option for me. If you've ever been on tour and seen what can happen to gear inside a trailer (driving across manhattan!! ahhhh!!!) I also have other people sometimes handling my drums and they do not respect them.

I really like the protechtor cases though, the bass drum case has built in wheels, and they are still rolling strong after 10 years. you have no idea what kind of abuse these cases have seen. I even dragged my kick half a mile over a gravel parking lot and the wheels are still fine.

I have some various humes and berg enduro cases, I really like their drum cases, I have a snare case that is 15 years old and has been all over the place with me.

I will say this, don't waste your money on padded hard cases, or lined hard cases. Just get an old tshirt and put it over the drum they will be fine. the foam always ends up breaking up or getting torn or snagged and then leaves sticky residue on everything.

I've used stagg cases on some rental kits and I was pretty impressed, although the handles are made of nylon webbing instead of a hard handle.

I'm in the market for a new trap case, my humes and berg enduro trap case with wheels is on it's last leg. a bunch of the screws have fallen out and rivets busted, but it still does the job and is still rolling.

PLEASE invest in a hard cymbal case! I have the protechtor rolling cymbal case, pretty awesome case. I had my cymbals fall out of a moving vehicle turning a corner at 20 mph and my cymbals survived!
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