Does anyone here mix...


"Uncle Larry"
Paiste and Zildjian on the same kit?

I noticed that Paiste players seem to have nothing else but Paiste's on their kit.

Color me curious
With the Paistes I have now compared to the Zildjians I’ve used, I don’t think they’d mix. I still get the smoky “tah” from my current Paiste ride, but all my Paistes lack that low-end “gongy” sound my Zildjians have. I get more “shimmer” now which I didn’t get with the Zildjians.
Is it a fair statement to say that the majority of Paiste players don't mix brands?
Is it a fair statement to say that the majority of Paiste players don't mix brands?
I can only speak for myself, but I'd never mix anything else into my Paiste rig.

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Is it a fair statement to say that the majority of Paiste players don't mix brands?

The Turkish method of cymbal making is fundamentally very different from Paiste’s method. Therefore, the sounds are very different.

What is surprising to me is the sound from their Master’s series. Even though the cymbals are made from ingots, they still have a sheen to their sound, and no gong-y undertones.
I noticed that Paiste players seem to have nothing else but Paiste's on their kit.
not unique to
many will have only Zildjian. or Bosphorus.

let's go back Timeline.
1970- All Zildjian
1972- 2002 mixed with Zildjian A.
1995- All Paiste
2000- No Paiste all Old K

I think the Mixing is one of either desperation "that's all I got mate" or uninterested/satisfied but once "the Awakening"

One blending Cymbal Philosophy occurs best -if you can- within one Make.
like Drums. (not snares I don't want to go there) But Toms and Bass.
3 Ludwigs and a Slingerland; not that often an occurrence

unless the guy (pronoun inclusive) is too busy to think about it or that's all he's got at the moment
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I have all Zildjian and one SAbian china...

not really against mixing, but it just hasn't really happened. I know the Zildjian sound catatlog so well that when I want a new cymbal, I just go there.
I guess Paiste players are faithful and loyal like unto a bride-Zidjian players have a wondering eye, promiscuous, looking for a new concubine to add to the harem. I was faithful till I had Dream that was "Bliss"full and Vintage and I gave in that once-all the rest Zildjians though. I'm so ashamed. I got GAS and blew it.
..the awakening
comes in all flavors
When I was younger I had a mix of just about everything-- my normal setup in my 20s had Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, and Istanbul and even a Wuhan china for a while. By the time I hit my 40s I was all-Zildjian and when I experimented with other brands I'd get a small set of Paistes or Bosphorus or whatever. For the last two years it's been 100% Paiste. I still keep a Zildjian Overhammered Bounce in my collection just because I really like Paul Francis, but now that he's making his own stuff I'll almost certainly sell it.

For me, it's kinda easier to choose all cymbals from the same brand, and often even from within the same line. That's where I think Paiste really shines. Everything's certainly interchangeable, but it's also easy to create a full set out of 2002s, Modern Essentials, Signatures, Masters without dipping into other product lines. To me, that's a selling point.
I don't even store disparate brands together
I mix with everything. Except Paiste because I don't have any. Except a 404 China that I never use. I have no idea how that turned up in my studio.

Paistes are too smooth sounding and perfect to my ear. It sounds weird to say that. I like hearing them when others play them, but it's not what I'm looking for in my own set.

I prefer the imperfections of everything non-Paiste. I had a Giant Beat ride once and a 2oo2 ride when I was much younger. Too polite for me.
I woke up in the middle of the night the other day realizing I had a Bosphorus laying against an Avedis K

I let em go that one time..
Probably for fifteen years or more I used a Paiste signature full crash eighteen inch along with a Zildjian A series medium thin sixteen and 15 new beats hats and a Zildjian ride.
Anyone know what a Judas goat is? Well I have an Avedis 18" Crash Ride (the Judas goat) from 1982 that holds up a Stack of old 50s and 60s Ks. That's that 18's only role in Life.

See the Judas Goat?

JudasGoat 001.JPGJudasGoat 002.JPG
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Not really, I have a mongrel 15" A Rock top/602 SE bottom that works but I find em chalk and cheese usually.