CM Jones dumped Pearl for Sonor!!!

@C.M. Jones is not a troll, but an actual person who is - as others have mentioned already - very knowledgeable, interesting and genuinely good guy.

Once, a couple of years ago, CM had an extra new snare batter head that he offered up on this forum to anyone who would use it. I responded first I guess, and he went to the trouble to go the post office and mail it to me for free (and paid the shipping) which I received in just a few days.

I've never had a troll send me anything except trouble, so he must be a real (nice) person. :)

Thanks again @C.M. Jones wherever you are....
What does C. M. stand for?
Classic Maple.

I did have the chance to ask him in a PM one day, he was kind enough to let me in on what his initials stood for.

The Classic Maple Jones story is - well I just put this out there, the Joneses are firstly honest and loyal in attribute.
However the generational loyalty in drums is personal preference, potential Scarlett letter(s) if you stray -

He told me his father was a die hard Luddie fan.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb and say he may have named his kid after a Pearl series, to which his kid grows to become a die hard Gretsch fan.

Miss ya buddy!
All's it is is a publicity stunt...attention hog. Pearl is in huge financial trouble and CM is in a Prozac haze. CM..this ain't be funny no moe. Stop by and say F you guys with a smiley face then disappear or the FBI gets involved...ya..i said it...F....B....I. 😠.