Clear Ambassadors on Toms

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My new Ludwig CM kit came with Clear Ambassador heads top and bottom. I've never used these heads for batters on toms, and I guess I have been missing out on what a great sound I can get on toms using these heads. I always thought to use coated Ambassador heads for batters thinking they are more durable and help control overtones. I think now too much muffling with the coated heads. The drums really sing and sound very musical with the Clear Ambassador batter heads.

Are Clear Ambassador batter heads the standard for toms? And are they durable enough? I don't play loud at all. No metal country or classic rock. Mostly blues and jazz.
I feel exactly the same way.

Clear 10 mil Ambassadors all around on all my toms.

For me, there is no better sound. I know, because I tried a ton of heads.
It’s been a while I made this discovery, I was somewhat by mimicry always playing double ply, mostly G2 coated or clear. One day I found a clear 12 ambassador, I gave a try and wow ! Now I run clear G1 on all my toms. Tons of tone, bright attack and nice decay. Even the floors are doing well, to my own surprise.
Durability may suffer a bit though.
Ordered 12" and 14" Clear Ambassadors for my small gigging kit - Tama Superstar. The Clear Ambassadors sound so good on the Ludwig kit I need to start using them on my other kit, too.
Just posted in an other thread before spotting this one, but i really liked the clear Ambassadors as batters on my Pearl Vision kit (had stock reso heads which were 1 ply clear heads as well). On my Masters that combo wasn't working for me, but if i need to take out my Vision kit i will slap some clear Ambassadors on them! :)
Went back from coated Emperors to clear Ambassadors on my Sonor ProLite (maple). That really opened up the full potential of the drums.
They don‘t work that well on my Sonor SQ1 (birch). On those you already notice a big difference between clear and coated Ambassadors.
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If I wasn't miked 100% of the time, I would probably do Ambassador clears on my CM's. They so sound incredible. Right now, I use Ambassador coated on all the toms and BB snare with Snareweight M80's to make it easier to run sound. I like the results.

(Headphones on for best results)
Ambassador X heads 14 ml single ply came with a new kit and they’re some of the worst heads I’ve ever played. Complete opposite of the regular Ambassador which I use exclusively except for larger drums I use PS3s which is an Ambassador with a control ring.