1. S

    Made the switch from Remo to Evans UV2/EMAD/GMAD

    So after much debate and even some hesitation... I had finally replaced my factory Pork Pie Remo heads with Evans UV2s, UV EMAD, Heavyweight snare and GMAD kick. I thought the Remo's sound great and I've had them on since 2016 when I bought the kit new... but it was time for a change. So far I'm...
  2. LeeLovesSabian

    Remo Emperor X

    Thanks for recommending me the Remo Emperor X, whoever posted in my last thread.
  3. LeeLovesSabian

    Remo emperors

    Whats the difference between Remo Emperors and Remo Emperor X's?
  4. LeeLovesSabian

    Reso? or not?

    I want a deep pitch in my toms. It feels like resonance heads make it higher pitched. Should I abandon Reso heads, or do Remo or Evans have reso heads designed to designate a deep focuses pitch?
  5. DrewTheShoe

    Coated Emperors

    Hey guys. I'm going to upgrade my heads on my toms soon from these Tama stock ones, and I'm pretty sure I'll be pleased with the Coated Emperors. I'd love to hear all of your opinions on them, as I'm sure some of you have played them more then I have. Also: if you have any comments/quips...
  6. K

    Remo Coated Pinstripe on snare drum..

    what do you think guys? will this head make my 14x5.5 maple snare dead-sounding? I'm planning to get one. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks mucho! :)
  7. riddle

    Best heads for tama

    Hey im using a swingstar kit up till now im still using stock heads and i would like to change the snare one first id prefer remo because its easier to get it here i like a thucking sound and what should i use? coated ambassadors, emperors or etc etc? also how do you try out the heads...
  8. tiffanyl

    Defective Remo pinstripe !@#$

    Hello everyone, Tonight I decided I would tune up my 13" tom and at the same time switch the stock head out with a new pinstripe. Bad idea. I took off the old pearl stock head and found an old new pinstripe to put on (I'll explain later) looking forward to tuning it so my...
  9. G


    k, so everytime i hit my small rack tom, it makes the snare wires buzz. how do you tune the small rack tom, or snare, so that doesnt happen?