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    Mind Blowing value on my Monster 10 pc ddrum dominion Birch kit

    I dunno? I already had the hardware after 30 years of playing various racks, they were pieces in my junk pile that i made work. It's jury rigged and I have to buy extra pieces to prop it up now. I sold my expensive rack years ago, a double tiered Pearl Icon with like fifty clamps and arms
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    Mind Blowing value on my Monster 10 pc ddrum dominion Birch kit

    You now, Tony Williams used 3 floor toms all on the right side in a triangular cluster, i think the big one was 18". I always had one right, one left on the floor when i use 2 floor toms. I got used to playing like that from drum corps playing quads and quints, you progress left to right small...
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    Mind Blowing value on my Monster 10 pc ddrum dominion Birch kit

    Thanks. I'm 50. Still feel young though!!!
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    Mind Blowing value on my Monster 10 pc ddrum dominion Birch kit

    Hi drummers! My kit arrived on Friday, a ddrum Dominion 10 pc Birch kit in Brushed blue wrap. 2x22x18" 8ply kicks, 7x13 8ply snare, 8,10,12,13" 6-ply rack toms, 14,16,18" 6-ply floor toms. I'm pretty sure it has 2.3 mm triple flanged hoops. The drums have solid weight, i owned a ddrum diatribe...
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    Why put your name on a product if you're not using it??

    We've all seen them, signature snare drums, signature sticks, signature kits. But then you see your hero live playing something else and you're like, "s/he's not using his signature item!!!!!" Why don't these artists just pick out the gear they like to use, go back to the manufacturer, ask...
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    Do drummers make good dancers?

    Okay, i'm not a social dancer 'cause i'm , well, FAT, not P-H-A-T, I'm F-A-T and i get all sweaty after a while on the dance floor. I have had numerous ladies say laughable comments to me like "wow, you're such a great dancer!!". I kinda just thought to myself, "eh... she's just being nice i...
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    Tom sequences

    Lately i've noticed more and more drummers arranging their multi- tom arrays in haphazzard order from left to right. The only odd thing i do is swing my biggest floor tom over to the far left side to encourage ambidexerity (also, i played the tri-toms, quads and quints back in High school...
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    tom arm help

    Do any brands/ manufacturers use a 1" tom holder?
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    $900 axis pedal

    New axis laser double pedal? Debut @ NAMM 2010. Looks like the same old design with reshaped foot plate to me. Anyone know anything about it?
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    yamaha remote hi hat help?

    I've had the remote hi hat for a year now as my primary hi hat on my monster kit and it is driving me up the wall that the cymbal rod is so short that i barely have enough room to mount the clutch at the interval i want. There is literally only about one and a half centimeters left on the top of...
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    theatrical attire onstage

    Am I totally crazy? I'm just frustrated every time my band plays out that we look like a bunch of dorks in black jeans, black concert t-shirts. There is nothing unique about the look of anyone in my band except me; I have a pretty radical looking traditional shao-lin hairstyle (like chow-yun-fat...
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    ddrum pocket configuration bags

    Anybody got these bags? I need to know if the floor tom bags will fit 14" deep toms. They're advertised as custom fit for the 12" deep floor toms so i need to cram my drums in tightly, if they will fit.
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    This forum is rampant with heroes

    As corollary to my rant thread, i'm posting a rave thread also, because from what i've seen so far, Bernhard, NuthaJason and Dogbreath run the best drum forum on the web but it's the insights and help from some great forum members that make DW a place i can call my own. There are some great...
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    Idea? Drummerworld fantasy camp

    So i was checking out the link to drum fantasy camp '09 from the main DW website and i was thinking, "hey that's perfect for my vacation, right in the middle of August". Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, Dafnis Prieto are all going to be there, what a great way to spend my vacation. Went...