yamaha remote hi hat help?


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I've had the remote hi hat for a year now as my primary hi hat on my monster kit and it is driving me up the wall that the cymbal rod is so short that i barely have enough room to mount the clutch at the interval i want. There is literally only about one and a half centimeters left on the top of the rod and it's not long enough to mount a tambourine on it, which is where i want it to be. Anyone know how i can um...errr...lengthen my rod? Ahem...


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Hey Dios....you been away mate???

I'm guessing here, but could you buy a standard Yammie rod and then cut it down to the desired length?


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Hopefully there's a way to replace the rod if the top section screws in, however it may be a one piece rod with whatever attaches the cable specially built in to the bottom end. It sounds like hi hat surgery time.