Idea? Drummerworld fantasy camp


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So i was checking out the link to drum fantasy camp '09 from the main DW website and i was thinking, "hey that's perfect for my vacation, right in the middle of August". Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, Dafnis Prieto are all going to be there, what a great way to spend my vacation. Went to register. Sticker shock suddenly set in. To attend plus a room at the hosting hotel for the 5 day event, $1400. To get my own room (not assigned a roommate) $1700. Too rich for me for a 5 day clinic.

I got to thinking it would be really cool if DW had it's own "fantasy camp" with cool clinicians and drum circles where we could all finally meet one another, kick it, and get together with DW pros and DW joes to teach, share and learn.

Which DW pro drummers would you like to see and hang out with, what clinic classes would you want and how much would you guys pay to attend a 3 day drummerworld clinic/camp?