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Spencer Strand: Can You Handle The Test of Time?

dunno? what is it?

The TEST OF TIME is 74 specifically designed, challenging minus drums play along tracks, guaranteed to improve your groove!!

The 74 custom tracks in this giant digital download package will kick your butt and force you to play precisely and set your inner clock. We strongly suggest that you record yourself and keep track your rehearsal progress.

Working out with these bread and butter grooves will give you the confidence you need to drive a band (and to be able to tell the guitar player if he's rushing or dragging and where in the song he's doing it). The Groove IS most definitely King! and it's not always so easy to really get it....

You'll be able to practice and learn:

Phrasing and note placement - developing time feel - using your ears - Tips for practicing - physical and mental techniques for subdividing during the space.

What you'll hear:
First you will hear a SUGGESTED drum set groove for 4 bars. Remember this is only one of many ways to play the track so please feel free to take liberties be creative just stay in the pocket. Less is more most of the time! Play it like you mean it!

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