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Spencer Strand: Turn it Up - and Play it Loud: DOUBLE PEDAL METAL

How it works:
First you hear a short sample of the upcoming groove - followed by a cowbell count-off and then the song begins...

Double Pedal Metal
...is geared toward all you metal fans who are eager to develop your double bass technique. The grooves on this CD were specifally written to guide you through a challenging, fun & heavy workout. Crunchy chords, soaring leads & pumping bass lines leave it up to you to rock the house. C'mon now! Jump in with both feet!

First you'll hear the Bass Line with a double pedal drum machine intro groove.
Soon the guitar will kick in and you hear that crazy 8 ball count in...

Don't sweat it. Just practice every day and watch your time and endurance go through the roof. Stick Control for your feet. Now Go practice.....
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