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Spencer Strand: Denny's Mix

How it works:
First you hear a short sample of the upcoming groove and then the song begins...

" Denny's Mix" is the first "Artist Series" play along CD for drummers and features the music of award winning smooth jazz guitarist Denny Jiosa.

Denny Jiosa has put together a fantastic mix of hits from his past 4 albums and created a compilation of awesome drumless tracks for you to dig into and make your own.

There are a ton of musical elements and styles combined to challenge your skills. Some cool Funk... Some hot Latin...some Odd time stuff.

These tracks are so much fun to play along with!

The recordings were mixed by Denny himself and sound stellar!

If you want to play along with an amazing band that also features world renowned percussionist Glen Caruba and you dig that "smooth jazz" vibe...Welcome to "Denny's Mix".


Miles To Monaco

Them Changes

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Denny's Mix - Artist Series