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Donny Gruendler: Pop Rock Loop

This form of Rock is catchy and energetic enough to appeal to younger listeners, but also mainstream enough to appeal to adults as well. It has huge chorus hooks, arena-Rock instrumentation, many layered loop textures and a definite backbeat. In addition, the prduction is clean, polished and bright, making full use of the advances in recording and loop technology that had taken place during the 1980s and 1990s. Artists such as Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morisette exemplify the Pop Rock genre.


As a student trying to learn the indispensable skill of grooving with loops, this book is an invaluable resource for me. Aside from working with him directly (he does give lessons, folks!), this book is the only way to access Donny's encyclopedic knowledge of what it means to actually play WITH a loop, not just over it, or worse, against it. Plus, there's a bunch of hot fills in it. Sick!
C. Green (PIT, Hollywood, CA)

Donny Gruendler has put together a very practical method of learning to play with loops, an all important tool for the modern drummer who wants to work! This book and CDs seem to be the only educational tool out there to cover this material. Very well done!
Chuck Silverman "drummer, educator" (LA, CA, USA)

If you are interested in becoming a commercial drummer in either Rock, Pop, Metal or Hip Hop -- this book is for you. Gruendler clearly walks you through his tried and true methods of playing along with Drum Loops, Instrument Loops, Sound Fx and Full Backing Tracks. There are approx. 150 loops to play along to and clearly presented demo tracks (On 2 CDs). AND you can go to Gruendler's website and download additional loops with the code provided on the inner cover of the book. So thats 300 Loops!

Also included are chapters on developing a live rig for use with a band and MIDI/DAW/Programming concepts and instruction too! Overall this is a great (and FUN)resource on a subject that has not been covered -- Until now!
Dave Dorchester (New York, NY)