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Tomas Haake: "Bleed" - Meshuggah - Album obZen - 2008

Transcription by Rich Lackowski

Level: Advanced

Haake delivers over seven minutes of complete aural brutality in this, one of the most legendary Meshuggah tracks that has ever been bestowed upon us. Haake spent six long month working up the physical endurance that was required to play the relentless kick parts. This transcription and lesson gives you a taste of Haake's pain, and perhaps some auxiliary explanation for why he titled the song "Bleed".

from the book:

Original part (not included in the book)

Let's start by slowing the tempo way down and playing steady eight notes on the China while your right foot plays a repeating pattern on the kick drum of two sixteenth notes followed by a sixteenth-note rest. The natural tendency will be to start thinking of this rhythm in groups of three: 3/4, 6/8 or 12/8, which will cause problems later.

It's important to count this rhythm in 4/4 as you play, internalizing it before moving on to the next lesson.

Now, let's replace each sixteenth rest with a kick drum hit that's played with the left foot.
Keep counting this groove in 4/4, and make sure the kick drum hits sound as even as possible, regardless of which foot is hitting the pedal.

Next, add a snare drum hit on beat 3 of each measure.

Next, add a snare drum hit on beat 3 of each measure.

Finally, accent beats 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the China cymbal, and you'll be playing the killer groove just like Tomas Haake.....

Rich Lackowski: On the Beaten Path METAL
The Drummer's Guide to the Genre and the Legends Who Defined it

from Alfred: