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Play Along 12/8 Feel...

Great Grooves from the History of R&B:

Daniel Glass:
"Spellbound" - 12/8 Feel

Remember to keep the flow of eighth notes as steady as possible, both in your timekeeping and when playing fills.
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NEW ORLEANS R&B: "Tipitina" - Professor Longhair

NEW ORLEANS R&B: "I'm Walkin" - Fats Domino

CHICAGO BLUES: The : "No Particular Place to go" - Chuck Berry

TEXAS BLUES: Texas Shuffle: "Cold Shot" - Stevie Ray Vaughn

FAUX RUMBA: "What'd I Say" - Ray Charles

THE DOUBLE SHUFFLE: "Keep A-Knockin" - Little Richard

PLAY-ALONG: "Chillin" - Style: Texas Shuffle

PLAY-ALONG: "Spellbound" - Style: 12/8 Feel