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Great Grooves from the History of R&B: TEXAS SHUFFLE

Daniel Glass : "Cold Shot" - Stevie Ray Vaughn - 1984
Drummer: Chris Layton - bpm 110

If the Chicago sound was marked by looseness, Texas R&B was exactly the opposite. Texas saxmen like Illinois Jacquet, singers like Bobby Bland, and guitar troubadours like T-Bone Walker, Clarence Brown, Freddie King, Johnny Copeland, and Albert Collins brought a sophisticated sensibility to the blues. Their bands often included keyboards and horn sections and were characterized by tight, crisp shuffles that kept the music grooving hard.

In the '80s, Stevie Ray Vaughn brought Texas-style shuffles back onto the world stage once again. His "Cold Shot" takes an approach to the Texas feel that's slower and more laid back. Chris Layton plays this groove waaaay behind the beat. And check out his interesting use of drags - a nice touch!!
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