Yoyoka's back (she's 9 now)

People from the Orient are definitely doing something right. Maybe it's what what they're eating?
That girl is amaing for her age! Hard work has its rewards. Keep on rockin' young lady!
Check out these people..

Also most of their other videos are very worthwhile btw..

Man thanks for posting this Oldskool this is awesome!!! Been looking for some new listening material and I love this. For some reason this song reminds me of Christmas and Greensleeves for some reason. I have no idea why.
That Stone Cold Crazy video is THE BEST! She really has groove and feel going on. Congratulations on having such talent!
I just really love watching young people, being so into their craft. She is truly amazing and seems SO HAPPY while playing! And I love the PIP views of the footwork...it helps! I am 56 yrs old and she inspires me!