Your favorite drumshop.


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Is it still around?..mine is gone 😥. It was JD drumcenter in Omaha Nebraska. Shout out to John..Jason..and Jeremy. I really miss our talks and the good times. John and I would talk drums for hours. He's the only one that was as crazy about drums and drumming as I was..and still am. Thankfully I've got DRUMMERWORLD to satisfy my addiction. 😃.
Lone Star Percussion in Dallas, TX. People are great and knowledgeable. Even with supply chain issues, they're pretty well-stocked.
2112 Percussion in Raleigh, NC. They have a huge selection of new and used gear. Even though they're about a 90 minute drive for me I've been in three times in the last three weeks because I keep remembering I need to get "one more thing." It's easy to overlook brick and mortar with the explosion of online shopping but there is nothing better than to be able to see and touch things, and there's something about the feeling of actually shopping with other drummers...
Brian Guitars in Ct. It wasnt a dedicated drum shop, but the drum section was the biggest part of it and at the front of the store. I bought my new set of Pearls there and the drum tech was so excited, he had them out of the boxes and wa tuning them up before I got there. We used to skip class and drive there to jam on the kits. Now it's a Sam Ash...10 times as big but no real person to person connection.
Used to be Creative Music in Wethersfield, CT (Bob Gatzen's shop) which closed some time ago. These days its a toss up between DCP in NH and The Drum Shop in Maine.
The Drum Shop.. Washington, Tyne and Wear..
Owned be a guy called JD. 😁 Nah he’s actually called Andy.. Cool guy, sees me right every time.
His right hand man is Darren and he’s mega too.. The knowledge these guys have is fantastic.. I feel really lucky that this is my local drum shop.. ❤️
When I lived in the New Orleans area, it was Ray Fransen's Drum Center, which is still in operation. When I moved to central Louisiana, I found Scott's Drum Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, which closed a few years ago. Now, I go to C&M Music in Lafayette. I also bought my only drum set and a few cymbals from Peace and goodwill.
Because I live in L.A., Pro Drum is my go-to shop. But I also travel, and have an affection for multiple shops across the U.S, -

Bentley's (Fresno, CA)
Drumcenter (Portsmouth, NH)
Fork's (Nashville)
Memphis Drum Shop
Stebal's (northern Ohio)
Sam Adato's (Eugene, OR)

Haven't been to Rupp's (Denver) in a while, but that was always a good stop when passing through.
I have two:

Gelb Music in Redwood City CA - Super cool and knowledgeable staff and a great selection of gear.

The Starving Musician in San Jose CA - Awesome used and vintage gear.
Rupp's in Denver. Used to go there when Bob Rupp was originally running it out of his house on Dahlia Street. Different owners now, but still a great shop. I unfortunately don't live in Colorado anymore.
For me it's Skip's music locally, but my favorites are Gelb and Starving Musician when I'm in the bay area. Last time I went to the Starving Musicians in Santa Clara a DW edge snare came home with me.
Random story about Gelb Music… many years ago when we were living in San Francisco my son fell through a French door. He was cut pretty bad so an ambulance took us to San Francisco General and a Dr. Gelb took care of him. The next week I went down to Gelb Music and bought the doctor a Gelb T-shirt. I went back to the hospital and asked to talk to him. The ER receptionist said no (obviously) so I asked her to give him my thank you gift. She immediately stood up and told me to follow her to his office. On the way she said, “Honey, no one ever comes back to say thank you.”