Which K ?


Hello, I was wondering which type of K would be better for funk and jazz ? There are some many variations, I'm confused.
I usually see normal K, Custom dark K or Light K. I don't have the opportunity to try any of them. I'm looking for a ride and hats. Thanks.
I use Light Hats for everything. K/Zs work really well for funk too, I have a pair of those. I'd love to try the K fat hats.

Rides take your pick, I use a 22 K Con Renaissance and I have an original 20 K Custom (which is nothing like the new ones)

Zildjian K and K Customs are insanely versatile so pick what sounds best to you.
If you can't try them at a store, spend some time listening to some videos from here:

Not the same as playing them, but it might help you narrow it down.
I've got some from most of the different K series except for the light,
and they're mostly all good.
Off the top of my head, I'd say regular K series for funk, and the K Custom Dark or K Cons for jazz.
I was in the market last year for a K custom brilliant ride and all I can say is, do not buy sight unseen without the seller disclosing the weight. I was surprised how large a variance weight wise Zildjian will release a cymbal….all with the same model and diameter size. Like 200-300 gram differences. I wanted a heavier rock type ride in 20” with piercing bell and I ended up buying a 2960 from Memphisdrum and I’ve been very happy with it. But…they also had the exact same model ride with weights in the 2720 range and I’m sure those could be more versatile.…but the bell was weaker sounding. Quite the contrast from say product offerings from Paiste that are more tighter weight spreads cymbal to cymbal….more like 10-20 gram differences
I've had Light K, they are definitely on the dark or trashier side and might not cut in a louder kind of funk band. They crash very nicely though.
I've had normal K, good all-rounder but less 'jazz' and it leans to the heavier weights.
I see K custom on a lot of kits but never had one.
But without a doubt use the Memphis drum shop vids to narrow down what your ear really wants. People's words don't do sounds justice.
IMO the only choice you need to be worried about is if you are going to go dark and dry or not.

Lots of Zildjian artists like to mix and match. For example Tommy Igoe.
Tommy threw me off his Facebook page because he was spreading doom and gloom about AI and I thought it was an overreaction. So poop on him.

Of all the industries that AI will effect (outside of RPA). Music Industry seems to be #1...
Of all the industries that AI will effect (outside of RPA). Music Industry seems to be #1...
I thought art and photography was, but music is certainly right up there. But I’ve been hearing about doom and gloom for musicians long before AI. Machines were supposed to replace us all since drum machines came out, and yet, it’s been isolated incidents at best.
I'm by no means a jazz drummer, but i read that the Crash of Doom (20 or 22") would make a great jazz ride too (in combination with another ride).
Not from the K line, but thought i'd drop it.
Normal K’s are good for anything!
Light K are great for jazz IMO (and yes, the Crash of Doom does make a great, Uber-trashy ride).
Custom K are popular but somehow I’ve never got on with them.
Also Worth considering are the K Sweet range which are pretty versatile.
Constantinoples are great for jazz, but they may be too complex and washy for funk.

K Sweets are remarkable for how versatile they are. From Jazz to Rock. Dark and crisp at the same time. They have a more modern and EQ'd and polished sound, with fewer overtones than the Constantinoples.

Light Ks are also really good for jazz and funk, with a slightly more traditional sound than the K Sweets.
I finally got me a second hand classic K ride. I was used to a budget ride so it is really a big step up in term of sound. I definitely agree that it is first better to upgrade cymbals than kit or snare, even my little Pearl traveller snare can sound good in some configuration, but the crappy cymbals always sounded bad. I am waiting for K hats now :D