what motivates you to keep playing???


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aside from just a love for playing... In the high school I'm going in to, every two years for a band trip, instead of going to halifax the grade 11s and 12s go to new york or toronto, but, the grade tens in jazz band also get to go. I'm lined up perfectly so if I make jazz band in grade 10 then I will go to someplace cool in grade 10 and 12.


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Because I still love the sound of drumming, and it's too much fun to give up. Beyond that, here is the rest of my inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDF1bXhr7xc

As far as your video, I have one thing to say-- you've been playing for three months and THAT's your kit?? As far as your playing, nice job, and I think it's great that you're filming yourself and asking for critiques. It shows a determination that I admire.

Definately have to agree about your playing at three months...NICE, I hope to be as good (I am still waiting to get my kit next month), but you are doing well...I have been motivated by players such as Tony Williams as well...this style of drum has always gotten into my soul! So I have to agree all around with youenjoy00myself!

Although I have never had my own kit I always jumped at any chances I ever got over the 40 odd years I wanted my own and now that I have them coming I will be ever so faithful of giving my all to their music.


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I've gone through this progressive evolution of:

1. Playing the drums because it felt good

2. Playing the drums to get better

3. Feeling lame

4. Playing the drums to contribute

I think in my own case every step of growth is essential. Growth comes in stages. You can't rock out at stage 4 without having successful passed through stage 2 and so on, in my mind.


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So instead of creating a new thread... I will ask this, pay attention now---" What if you love drumming and have absolutely no reason to not play, But when you sit down at your kit and just cant seem to find the motivation to pick up the sticks and just do it, you back off and wonder why it doesnt seem appealing? And when you DO actually force yourself to play, you dont seem to be getting any joy from it? Or feel like you are FORCING yourself to do something that you know you love to do, but feel bad about having to force yourself to feel the natural enjoyment that is expected. And when you start to resent the fact that you have a perfect outlet for expression, but get the feeling that it may be an excuse for certain downfalls in your own personality, if you just put down the sticks, are you giving in to failure? And should this be looked at as 'motivation' to play? or force ones' self to maybe address a seperate, deeper issue? Or could this just be looked at as "crazy talk?"and be ignored for a few more years?

This is a serious question, by the way.... Cuz I got this "friend".........


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Rider thats kinda confusing, how can you love to do something like drumming but when you actually play you dont get any joy from it? wouldnt that make you not love to do it? your question kinda confused me....and why would you have to force yourself to do something you love?


I love playing the drums so i dont need to get motivated to play them. The better question would have been

Why do you love playing the drums?

For me it voices my opinion and my mood.

I feel mad or upset, or happy it will show through the type of druming i play

I also love playing because its what keeps the beat and having that power is just amazing especially live. You could change the mood of the crowd, and being in metal you can preety much decide if there going to be moshing or headbanging or even make them do a circle pit.

Thats why i love playing the drums
it voices my moods and opinion and i in a way connect with everyone in the crowd through my drums and controll what theyre doing to a point


What if you love drumming and have absolutely no reason to not play, But when you sit down at your kit and just cant seem to find the motivation to pick up the sticks and just do it

Rider, dude... are you stuck in the drum chair doing the rehearsal sessions for Britney Spears' upcoming VMA awards show comeback performance? :)


I have no doubt that everyone hits that wall at some time or another. I have, and everyone I know has....

My advice: chill.

Go sit on the beach at the oceanside, and watch the waves....

Or sit by a creek and listen to the water....

Put on an LP (not a CD) of Miles' "Kind of Blue" or maybe Mötley Crüe's "Dr. Feelgood"....

Take your best girl out to dinner....

Thank goodness you're a drummer! :)
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Rider, dude... are you stuck in the drum chair doing the rehearsal sessions for Britney Spears' upcoming VMA awards show comeback performance? :)

Thank goodness you're a drummer! :)

To be honest, I think a gig playin for the dreaded Britney would be looked at as a serious kick in the ass! I d do it in a heartbeat!( and I CANNOT stand that scene)

So I have been chillin out, by da beach, and on the river(in my cheesy rubber boat, its still fun tho) and really took a step back from my current predicament, and when I look at my past life, in drumming, and look to the future of what 'may'' happen with the drums and all... I ve been at a standstill. I m sure so many of us here have hit that "wall" you speak of, but the drums have typically been that "ladder" per se. And right now, my ladder is missing a few rungs...

I have seem to have lost that "joy" I was used to getting from just sitting down, jammin out, and losing myself in the whole process of just playing! I miss it, and as I would in the past, just force myself to sit down, play, and reap the benefits and walk away content n happy, lately its been seeming like its been becoming an "escape" if you will...But as you would expect an escape to provide just that, its turned to more of a "task". And nobody likes to perform a "task" as I described it. WTF????

For instance, I m currently in the process of joining a well-established(and paid) band. Now 3 years ago this would ve been a blessing! But right now it just kinda seems like "Ahhh, whatever, If it happens it happens..." I hate this feeling! This just aint me! Its like I m in a deep room with no way out, except a broken "ladder".

I guess I m not really expecting any answer, but just puttin my thoughts out there....does suck though. I guess I ll spend more time on my "boat" and listening to Porcupine Tree, Gavin Harrison gives me that "warm,fuzzy feeling" and I like that....


I guess I m not really expecting any answer...

The answer, as always, is...


But seriously, I recommend that you consider splurging on buying a sweet new drum kit to lust after and stare at.

Sometimes when we need a little inspiration, having a sweet kit that we don't really deserve and can't really afford can be like a siren song and get us excited again.

Just a thought.