what motivates you to keep playing???


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1. Watching others drummers

2. Going to my local drum store - seeing and playing all the equipment and kits inspires me to play


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the thing that drives me is the desire to create music and the desire to create new products. and for that music to be as good as it can get i have to continue practicing... never ending practice, because there is always room for ''better''
Because I still love the sound of drumming, and it's too much fun to give up. Beyond that, here is the rest of my inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDF1bXhr7xc

As far as your video, I have one thing to say-- you've been playing for three months and THAT's your kit?? As far as your playing, nice job, and I think it's great that you're filming yourself and asking for critiques. It shows a determination that I admire.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! I could sit and watch those youtube Tony William videos all day. What motivates me? Neil Peart, Tony Williams and Will Calhoun. Also Jack Dejohnette, Elvin Jones, Max Roach,...


Once you get to a certain point, you start having withdraws from drums if you go too long without drumming. That's what motivates me. I NEED to drum sometimes. Also, whenever I watch a video of a good drummer I get get really pumped. Everyone has their own little thing that makes them drum.


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some people like to collect, some people like to make models, i like to play drums cause sitting behind my drumset is the only place i find myself in peace and that makes me feel good.

getting into music, personal achievements, struggling with a difficulty and bit by bit solving it, practicing until your limbs hurt and finally feeling the accomplishment of nailing it gives me a stupid grin on my face when i put my head to the pillow every night. i play drums cause i live and love music. that's pretty much about it what motivates me to keep playing. it makes me feel alive.


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Just to feel that pocket when everything is tight with other musicians.

When everyone is locked in, it is an amazing feeling.


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It's realaxiiiiing man. I'm always thinking of new beats in my head, and I usually can't wait to get home and put it down on drums. Watching classic drummers, and some of my favorite modern day drummers, keeps me going. Also, buying things for my drums is like and addiction...whether it be new drums, or cymbals, or whatever...and once I have these new things, it's like I get addicted to them! And lastly, just listening to some of my favorite bands and musicians keeps me motivated.


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I do not need anything to motivate me to keep drumming, because I am a drummer to the core, not just another guy who plays the drums, it's not just something I do. There, you can take that witchya son!

king fail

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I'm driven by my love of the instrument.
I want this as an occupation more than i want anything else in life, period.

Drumming is all i want.

Man, i hope i don't suck :)

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For me its pretty simple.

The drive for me is that its just fun. Also, girls love it haha.


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video isn't too bad...once you've been playing 5 and a half years you will be really good if you keep it up.

motivation, mine was music, obvious, but drums and guitars, I love hearing them. The drums were my first instrument aftert the piano because of Keith Moon, The who is and always will be my favorite band. since 2002.

I picked up guitar May 07, been playing since along with drums and have actually played gigs with a jazz band, (there were two drummers, so I got to play guitar), it is really fun though, being able to play multiple instruments. motivation is to get better.


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My insparato comes from everything from my woman to the music i listen to to just being in the moment while drumming, to jamming with other musicans.... so i am an inspiration to myself if you will.....wow that sounded lame..... oh check it, i've been playing since i was 11 months old (no joke) so im coming up on 16 years


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Just listening to music in general helps me a lot when i feel i need to improve.