Ugly or not?


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Steve Maxwell asked Gretsch to make this 'Mardi Gras' finish exclusively for his shop. Apparently it hearkens back to the 50s and 60s kits he grew up with?

I think it's ugly.

.....but then I thought about the nostalgia factor. If I had grown up watching Buddy Rich play a kit with the Mardi Gras finish, would I feel differently?

White Marine Pearl is one of my favorite finishes...I grew up watching all the jazz greats playing WMP drums. But what about some kid who's never seen it before? Would they think WMP is ugly?

What do you guys think about Mardi Gras, and does nostalgia play any part in your opinion?



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my drums are all just black. No showy acrylic or red, yellow and epilepsy burst, so I don’t really like it, no.


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It is butt ass ugly. Guy in town here (Phoenix) had an original set for sale on Craig's List and was listed for more than 4 years. Not sure if anyone eventually bought it or if it became firewood. Not sure what Gretsch was thinking when they came up with that one.


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I like the concept, but it could be done with more subtlety.
Plain black can be a little boring before too long.

Smaller specks/flakes of sparkle can catch the light and add a little pizazz.
The ones on the drum above are too large, IMO.


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I think it actually looks pretty cool at stage distance. You get 20' away from it, under stage lights, and it's much more subtle.


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I would much prefer it to WMP, so it is okay by me. I'm just so very, very tired of WMP and similar finishes. I'm not a huge fan of black drums, but at least it is a little different than your usual faire. If I never see another kit in WMP, I'd be okay with that.
Wood finishes are by far my preferred look for drums, followed by solid black, so this isn't naturally one I'd gravitate towards. But I like this more than I do most sparkle or pearl or oyster finishes. Even though it reminds me of formica countertops from the 70s.