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If I were to buy a Paiste 14 Sound Creation Dark Heavy bottom hat what top hat would be ideal for it?

It would depend what sounds you’re looking for. Dark, bright, loud, soft. I’m a gear whore admittedly and have a few sets of really nice hats, my favorites being 13” K/Z’s, 15” Big Beats and 14” B8’s at a practice space. The B8’s do everything a hihat should and record fine at 1/4 the cost.

I guess in a nutshell it comes down to what you’re willing to spend and more importantly, what you’re searching for.

Personally, for the bottom you’re looking at, I’d pair it with a 2002 top. If you haven’t bought it yet, go for a complete set.

another SC
Sound Formula

frankly I wouldn't buy it in the first place but if someone gave it to you.
I've owned (and gigged) all these)
Sound Creation bottom is a heavy (B20) beast
but I'd look to one of those four to match character
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What does it weigh?
you can mix and match a number of tops/bottoms and sometimes 'bam' its the magic pair.
If its a heavy bottom I'd not pair with too heavy a top = clang.
Also a Paiste 'heavy' differs from others 'heavy' version.
You can mix and match ANY cymbals.
You aren't limited by brand or even size.
I would have loved to play the 14/13" pair Max Roach used to use!
my flock of SC circa 1997
14 Dark Heavy HH pair
14 SE hh bottom single/
20 Dark Ride
20 Dark Medium Ride
20 Mellow Ride
20 Bright Medium Ride
18 Dark China
18 Dark Crash
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I'm a fan of heavy bottom and thin to med-thin top. The heavier bottom gives you a boost to volume and cut but the thinner top gives a less bright and harsh stick sound. It still washes nicely when played openly but doesn't have as much clang to the sound.

I'm not very familiar with Paiste's different lines to give specific suggestions.