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I can't hear any difference online between drums that have them installed or not, but maybe in person it might be different.

Anyways, here you go.

Here's where to buy them.
From the link:

Due to the weight (added mass) and the material selected (Bell Brass) in the construction of Tonewings along with very unique and strategically placed cut-out or relief points (F-holes, cuts, and slits); cause excessive vibrations in the drum shell to be absorbed and processed.

The wings absorb the energy from the shell, and then:

Then alternatively, this energy is poured back into the drum shell in a very settled and uniform way. Previous over-energized areas of the drum shell are shifted to those areas that were previously underutilized (did not vibrate enough). The result is a gain of additional energy, resulting in a very balanced output of frequencies.

As an ex-mechanical engineer, I've got my doubts but perhaps they have hard data generated from an oscilloscope or other measurment device.

I get the idea that Tonewings are designed to vibrate at their own resonance frequency, and transfer this energy to the shell for a more pure tone. But, color me skeptical.

In their FAQ:

Q: What’s the best way to get the best resonance with my drum after adding Tonewings?

A: Hit the side of the drum to hear the pitch of the shell. Then tune your drum heads to this pitch.

No thanks.

Maybe these things work more noticeably on bad drums. 🤷‍♂️
Pardon me....but what does one do with the tone-ring. Where does it go?
safe to say I'm ignoring anything named tonewing

tell ya a caution there; you unscrew a lug and can't get the screws back in
that's sa-yo-na-ra time

As far as the magnet method. I do "collecT' magnets in my spare time.
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tell ya a caution there; you unscrew a lug and can't get the screws back in
that's sa-yo-na-ra time
It would appear that this "device" doesn't account for the length of the lug screws (not tension rods)... sometimes those things are plenty short already.

Time to use some cotton balls :ROFLMAO:
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So these things do the work of half a gel and you can’t take them out when you don’t want them? Sign me up!

At best, they might cancel a little of the standing waves inside. At least that’s my opinion. But my closeout window clingies that I buy after Christmas do the same thing for a fraction of the price. I don’t understand this. And why F holes? I don’t understand this, either.
This looks like a job for...

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im all for innovation, but ive played it through good headphones and speakers, and can barely hear a difference at all :/

My experience is the same. The differences I think I'm hearing probably come from the head being taken off and the drum being re-tuned after installation. There seem to be many more videos of people talking about how great they are vs sound samples of actual drums with them installed. Many of them say that "You just have to hear them in person." My issue is that the majority of the time I play about 3 of my kits, they are miked up. If I can't hear any difference in the mics, there's no use for them for me. I never play unmiked these days.

I may be weird, but I don't want ANY of my drums to sound any different than the do right now. That's why I bought them.
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I'm trying to gauge the depth of my disinterest, and failing. The terms "snake oil" and "smoke and mirrors" come to mind.

I'm recalling the big to-do about Vibrafibing, made famous by Neil Peart in the 80s, yet if it was such a big sonic improvement why didn't everyone Vibrafibe their drums? You can't even find Vibrafibed drums in the wild anymore.

I'm probably not buying any of these any time soon, just like I'm probably not buying overengineered magnetic tom mounts or curved cymbal boom arms. A solution in search of a problem.
This has got to be one of the stupidest drum gimmicks I’ve ever heard of. So much so, I bet even John Good is like WTF?? Now think of all the great classic recordings where the drums sound absolutely amazing. Exactly ZERO of those have anything to do with Tonewings. Enough said.
I bought one of those curved boom arms on clearance a few years ago, thinking WOW that looks so useful, just think of the possibilities! There it sits, in the box of excess hardware.
Yeah, but I will concede that at least those have some aesthetic value for stage setups. You can't see Tonewings.