Shorter Hi-Hat Pull Rod?

Most manufacturers only offer pull rods in one length, as one-for-one replacements for the one you have currently. Hacksaw or snip it, then file the top smooth so that the clutch will fit over it. (that's what I ended up doing).
Be sure to set up your hh stand exactly the way you want it and make a mark on the rod a few inches above your clutch...( you can never replace lost metal) place the hh rod in a vice clamp to steady it as you cut with a hack saw. Once you have a clean cut either file it like the tip of an arrow but slightly rounded or even better use a grinding wheel. This will make the chrome shiny and appear as if there was no mod done. I have no Idea why mfg don't offer shorter HH rods....the one that came with my Gibraltar Liquid drive stood above my set like a frickn lightning was a good foot taller than my highest cymbal...granted I play everything very low but not trying to fly a flag here!!