Pearl Mounting Hardware


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I currently own a Pearl Vision VBX kit and I was thinking of upgrading the mounting hardware to the Opti-mount system from the default Vision mounting hardware (ISS i think...). Is this worth it? Is the Opti-mount system good? I heard the Vision mounting hardware actually allows the toms to resonate more...
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I personally am not crazy about the ISS but besides the RIMS mount system i think the pearl optimount is the best.

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The ISS system has been around a long time. Started out being offered on the Master Series drums, when everyone started going to RIMS/type systems. Finally, with the Optimount, Pearl has done the trickle-down tech. thing, and put the ISS on the Vision. I'd vote yes on switching to Optimounts, for your drums.
The ISS just looks like it would put sideways tension against the rim. I use the Yamaha YESS myself, but I tend to think anything (RIMS, Optimount, YESS) would be better than the ISS.