Old man yells at cloud

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I think I understand what you mean, but for me somehow these manage to skirt sounding terrible and into sounding awesome. But I suspect it's an acquired taste—when I first started listening to Meinl demo videos 7 or 8 years ago, I thought I was being punked, they sounded (and looked) so awful to me.
To be fair, when they're played in the mix of the full song they actually fit really well, and i guess thats the whole point. It just weirds me out haha.
I don't hate it, I wouldn't use it for everything but certain applications might call for that dry trashy sound.
Love the playing, not the dry sound. I've never been a fan of dry cymbals like that but for some applications, it works great.
"Old man yells at cloud" means...
I appreciate it because it's a sound I would never go after. That doesn't mean I think they sound bad. I just never would have thought of that sound myself. So after hearing them, I like them. Not for me. To hear them. They have their own vibe for sure.