My last Video

Well it's not like you haven't paid your dues, but I hate to hear this Bernhard. All the drummers you've pursued for permission to be a DW drummer and their videos, all the work keeping the site running without ads, decades of building friendships across the globe, putting up with my/others nonsense (LOL), and just all your efforts that has made DW (and the forum) a household word in the drumming community. Big shoes to fill is all I can say. Thank you for years of fun, learning, and friendships I've made on here.
Bernard, thank you for making the amazing world of drumming accessible to all of us! And thanks for ending with that wonderful video of the groove meister himself, Bernard Purdie. Many, many thanks!!
That's all folks - this is my last Video - this were great 30 years - but Drummerworld continues to grow of course. Have a nice time and enjoy -

Hi Bernard, will you be posting any older material? Do you have some archives? I finished up years ago but have been posting remixes of old songs but now they are finished too. There's definitely a void, but retiring has its upsides.
Thanks, Bernard. Endless hours of fun and priceless education had here. Can't imagine the last few years without Drummerworld. 🙏🙏🙏

I absolutely agree. Have fun and be safe!!!
Glad to see you are able to take the time Bernhard!

Thanks for all you have done and will, undoubtedly, continue to do!!