Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

Merry Thanksgiving!


It's been determined by the authorities that @jda currently owns more drumsticks than I've ever owned in my entire life.

And dude, you have a great shell pack. Why order more?

Joe, I noticed that you setup the cymbals in a sharp angle. I have seen a few other drummers also do this.
Is this a Jazz tradition, a matter of ergonomics, or does the sharp cymbal angle give you a better stick rebound?
Right it allows me to 'flat stick them.

They're about 70 degrees right and Left (each)
65-70 degree

plus it clears the toms ya know..
And I don't hit "edges" on nothing except in extreme intent

I want the Face (of the cymbal in my Face 😁
But I'm surprised the Pics are weirder (get this response) than in Personna
Not radical at all.

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Right it allows me to 'flat stick them.

What does the term "flat sticking" on a cymbal mean? I am not familiar with this.
Does it mean the angle of attack of the stick is parallel to the angle of the cymbal while playing the ride or the crash cymbal?
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It's a Crash; an activating/ Activation/ similar to a Harmonic with a guitar pick (on a guitar.


Now that I look at the picture again it makes a better sense. Not only the cymbals are at a sharper angle compared to my own setup, you place the cymbals much higher. I think the combination of higher cymbals with a shaper angle may work better together.
That's it, Buddy you gots it : ) (y)
they're (I think) eye- level. Wing nut/ nearly eye level; little lower on right side ride; little 'up on left side
Nice setup. Do those Sonos speakers get loud enough that you can play along?
Thank you. They do - they're in the basement and the speakers plus drums make it incredibly loud for folks on the first floor of the house.
From the Rehearsal room last week.


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