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Ian Paice is one of my favorite drummer. His grooves and breaks are so...... perfect!
For example Speed King, Strange Kind Of Woman, Fireball, Highway Star, Burn and of course The Mule. That is something that not many people can play.
Paice is playing Pearl Masters maple series and those drums sound GREAT!
If you listen to the song 'Burn' you can hear that he's playing really fast when Coverdale starts singing: "The sky is....". Do you think he's playing single strokes or double strokes at this time in the song? (It starts at 0:45 - 1:00min.)

Share your thoughts on this great legendary rock drummer.
I think he plays singles but its hard to tell with him. He has such great technique, his doubles often sound tight enough to be singles.
Some of his fills are insanely fast but he plays them with such ease. Definitely the Buddy Rich of rock.
holy smokes i saw this guy live for free at foxfest (local consert for FREE) he was amazing. one of the best drummers i have ever seen live.
I think Ian is an amazing player, and seems to be often overlooked when people are discusssing classic drummers of the 60's and 70's. His work on the Machine Head album is so great, those solo fills on Highway Star in particular are classic. Maybe I'm a Leo is really unique, such a dirty groove. Great snare sound on that record
he's one of the biggest influences in hard rock drumming and i do feel he is underrated. made in japan is such a good record. i don't think anybody can play his live solo.

yer 'maybe i'm a leo' is such a cool song!
I started playing drums because of Ian Paice, he was my biggest influence I love his sound and the power that his grooves have. Hey, and we started at the same age - 15 :) So let's see who will become more famous :DDD
Oh, well, i think I lost already... he joined Deep Purple @ the age of 18 :/
Probably my third favorite rock drummer behind Bonham and Peart. And i agree that he doesn't get quite the credit that some of these others get. I saw him 20 years ago live, and he was amazing.
A true icon of rock drumming and a great influence on many a drummer { including myself }. The best thing about Ian Paice is that everything he does looks so easy and natural. Rock on Ian.
Pearl Drummer said:
Wow! I was watching the newest Paice video here on drummerworld, and that one-hand roll is sick! How does he do that???

The same way Buddy Rich did it. It's a triplet between the snare and the kick, usually the kick is on the one. Paice has got some amazing chops, the fastest singles I've ever seen.
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Pearl Drummer said:
Wow! I was watching the newest Paice video here on drummerworld, and that one-hand roll is sick! How does he do that???

its not a triplet between snare and bass, its all one hand. It's not hard to master at all, all you need it a rim on your drum! Also to practice it on a pad, just put your fingers on your other hand together and up like a rim, and you'll know your doing it wrong if it hurts (or if you have high pain tolerance, you can feel the stick too much.). When your doing it right, you cant hear the rim at all ... here's a video someone posted a while back on it

You're right. I went back and looked at it again. It's the Johnny Rabb thing. I saw him in a nashville clinic not too long ago, but i was so far back i couldn't figure out how he was doing it. thanks for the video.
I listened to "Made in Japan" a few months back and holy crap! Their was this freakin' Dave Weckl like solo on their.His doubles were soooooooo fast.Truly amazing and probably one of the best drum solos I've ever heard.
My biggest influence, I wish I could make it look so easy. I'm not sure if the Deep Purple wagon would have made it anywhere without this engine.
Ian Paice, without doubt, is rock's most underrated drummer. The guy SMOKES! Listen to any of those old DP records, Paicey is the driving force! Rock And Roll, Baby!

My favorite drummer and the reason I drum. In addition to all the above, another must have is the Fireball 25th Anniversary Edition album. "Slow Train" is one of my favorite tracks on there.
Ian Paice is not only a good drummer he has the perfect name for drums. Paice he keeps the paice anyway its more of a inside thing. Also if anyone can help me with posting please message me.
Ian Paice. Awesome drummer. I love the cover of "Made In Japan" . Look at his kit. Ludwig 5 piece. 1 rack, 2 floors, big kick. and remember, this is before the double pedal was invented. Ian played a Speed King crazy fast.