Happy Thanksgiving!

Gives you more time to gaze at those beautiful phonics you've acquired. I would 😃. Happy 🦃 day DrummerWorld!.
My late husband used to say to me "Happy Turkey Day" so when you put that turkey in that slot that reminded me of my dear husband. Have a peaceful day!
I'm sure your husband has already whispered "Happy Turkey Day" in your ear and I'm betting you felt the goosebumps. If not yet, he will!

Blessings to you this fine day, Drummer_D, and all of DrummerWorld.
Charlie Brown Eating GIF by Peanuts

I hope y'all have great time. <heh>
Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that I'm grateful for many things this year. A healthy family, a warm home, a full belly, and wonderful friends to share with. :)

I just wanted to wish all of my fellow Drummerworld friends a Happy Thanksgiving!
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